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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Everything teaches us something

Very  true and absolutely  correct. 

Ji, my family deity is Guru Dattathreya and father's unofficial name was Datta.

That's why I never get annoyed with anyone or anything because everyone has his or her way of behaving, if it is likable it is fine or else we can tolerate or ignore and move on.

How we relate with everyone and everything decides what we are, what we learn, how we understand etc. 

How we relate in turn is shaped to a great extent by our attitudes and perspectives and which in turn design our frames of reference which influence our perception.

So, everything teaches us something but how or what we learn; what we understand; how we interpret, internalize and implement whatever we manage to learn and understand determines our choices and decisions which in turn defines the journey of our life.

In my view Teachings are  ingredients and Understanding is making them into a tasty cooked food.

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