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Sunday, April 22, 2018


Last month a lawyer defended a paedophile case of a person as " cross generational physical attraction based  reaction".

The media can screw any issue with twisted terminology or nicely nuanced nasty narrative for various reasons.

Certain activities are inhumane and atrocious no matter who does it or where it happens or who reports about them.

At the same time to obsessively focus on only negative and nauseating news pollutes the mind space of everyone.

Similarly  sharing of  irrelevant confirmation bias serves no purpose otherbrhan unreasonably giving an itch scratching pleasure .

As in the past few years people have been sharing unwanted unauthenticated lies as news, like every flying objects staggers over Tirunellar, Shiva Linga is worshiped somewhere -then by logical extension  are the worshipers of Shiva linga sponsoring terrorism.

I think greatness, goodness and growth happen and manifest irrespective of the number of sponsers or participants.

This does not mean any resignation to accepting things as a fatal consequence.

We need to actively plan, prepare and perform our role but then, there is no need to get obsessively focused especially on negativities unless the trade off is really worth it or the collective obsession can produce some effective result.

There are enough factories out there to manufacture narratives to suit ideological identities or drive political mileage.

Let not people in social media waste their time on negativity or on peddling excessive confirmation bias, instead let us pay attention to these: there are so many nice technological advancements, social and scientific inventions, creative activities, newer persepectives, emerging opportunities etc to enhance Life of everyone.

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