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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Disruptions with hidden agenda

Selective, obsessive and addictive focus for a brief period on some issue is like a dark passing cloud- a clear indication of some desperate lobby to draw attention and generate sensationalism and controversy.

They try to further project it in global arena  by zooming it, exaggerating it and take the help of some global outfits to endorse it presuming that would provide some credibility.

Unfortunately time and again, they are counter- productive and expose the hidden agenda of the perpetrators and this is the reason why Main Stream Media will lose even the little respect that they are left with.

From Intolerance brigade to Impeachment band wagon there is pattern and obvious bunch of participants.

My only worry in this new low in politics and MMS projection is that there is a subtle pollution of the minds of gullible youth who allow their mind space to be occupied by these passing clouds which neither promise rain during dry season nor protection from direct sun light on a hot summer day.
When there is a clear selective collective outrage we need not ascribe motives but we can be sure that it is an election related the handy work sponsored by some vested interest lobbies like Church attacks at Delhi before Delhi elections, Dadri before  Bihar and award Wapsi before Maharastra.

Another symptom is that all these happen only in BJP ruled states.

My question is what intelligence agencies and HM are doing?

But the collateral damage is unfortunately faced by the ordinary citizens and vulnerable officials

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