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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Education -What it is and why it eludes many definitions

and I must  say it is very appealing and impactful.

And another one

Unfortunately, the tendency to stereotypically oversimplify anything will generate equal and opposite reaction.

Both are equally correct and wrong because both view the subject from their own frames of reference and perspective.

I always say mass literacy, democracy, anti-biotic are followed for want of better universally applicable alternatives.

It is therefore; too narrow to think acquiring an academic qualification as a passport to a career and wrong to presume that by itself it may confer a comfortable, happy, peaceful and meaningful life.

It is equally wrong to dismiss as meaningless all attempts to enable everyone to eke out some livelihood to make life at least materially comfortable and also contribute to the overall multitude of activities which ultimately go on to create a welfare state and which may also end up assuring the basic necessities of majority of people are fulfilled through their own efforts and equipped with some knowledge and skill sets.

Meaning of education as a connotation spans over a very vast range of activities, in brief, some of the following:-

Names sake literacy;

Mere cosmetic certification of academic qualification;

Scholarly research;

Enjoying and getting in depth into a subject;

Contributing something to society through what one learns;

Indoctrinating someone into some ideology;

Engaging and guiding at least some parts of humanity to enlightened approaches and perspectives to life and so on.

So , any one of the above aspect or many more left out in the above list must not be either over zoomed and excessively emphasized as a stereotyped and homogeneous prescription or purpose of education.

Every human being besides and beyond his/ her physical and mental abilities also has to allow the inward flowering of the soul within with the splendor of variety.

I am just quoting two of the articles

1. The Whys of Education.

2. Obsession about settling down

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