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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Indian History

Indian History

Some people have been asking me what books to read to know better the History of India.

It is really tough to answer this as most of the facts have been already distorted and many evidences destroyed.

Besides, I can as an ordinary human being function within the limitations of my frames of references with the consolation that at least I am not constrained by ideologically indoctrinated limited frames of references.

Indian history as a whole with all its components of cultures, traditions and overall socio-religious milieu at different times are revealed through its varied and rich literature in many Indian languages, chief among them being The Mahabharatha and The Ramanayana, works of Kalidasa especially Megadhuta of Kalidasa.

In English read Indian Philosophical traditions by Dr.S .Radhakrishnan and his book 'An Idealist view of life'.

Read biographies of Krishnadevaraya and Chola Empire.

Don't read prescribed or popular books that are over dominated by narrations of invasions and description of invaders as if nothing else was happening in Indian society.

In fact Norman Douglas in his wonderful prose writes with marvellous observations about Indian social systems in his book 'How About Europe'- some footnotes on East and West.

Just read the etymology or origin of many words in many Indian languages and they would reveal all the facts that were scrupulously hidden by many DISTORIANS of Indian history.

In the following single blog post I have tried to capture a vast arena of vital aspects required for serious and sincere Social Engineering besides and beyond any ideological bias or preferences.

In the last section of this blog post you can find references to many useful history books.

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