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Monday, March 19, 2018

Verbification and its vibration of positive vibes

Verbification and its vibration of positive vibes.

 Today’s (05.03.2018)TOI Chennai edition page 12.

‘The overachieving Verbs’

It is much needed to mute overhyped suffocation by excessive mediafication.

Verbification vibrates with positive vibes.

Very loaded verbose version of  verbification in the write up smacks a bit of mediafication (i.e. exclusive privileged club involved in peddling opinions - often cleverly masking reality and appropriation of adorable appellations to themselves and assigning low and lewd labels to a selective few- along with swelling jealousy that the social media has enabled the masses to do what the exclusive club of main stream media were doing- nonstop opinion sprinkling, gossip generating, fear mongering with victimhood peddling etc.

On the contrary, if one is not afflicted by senility and sense of insecurity, one would positively welcome the active participation of everyone as sincere involvement in any subject taking seriously any issue to their heart and head.

It is this spirit of participative committed involvement creating enough noise to drown the din of main stream media that is here to say whether we like it or not; whether we want it or not; whether view it as good or bad.

More the merrier may prove true even in the arena of thoughts, ideas, views and opinions.

Main stream media is no more a secured fortress for the indulgence of exclusive club of mass opinion moulders and scandals suppliers.

Internet and mobile handsets in every hand empowers dissemination of news in real time everywhere.

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