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Sunday, March 18, 2018

BJP's introspection

India needs BJP and MODI to be in power for nation’s corruption free development and prevent Congress or congregation of mere power mongers.

But then this can happen only when BJP stops being too complacent and starts unleashing economic benefits to middle class in many ways.

In 77 Janata and 2004 BJP missed a golden opportunity but in 2019 if BJP gets anything less than absolute majority  INDIA will miss a shining  Diamond Jubilee.

But when the very main thing one wants or claims to improve, namely, economic development with tangible results is not evident on ground it reflects in results.

There is visible lack of money circulation and an obvious stagnation of economic activities especially in the unorganized sector.

This coupled with extreme pressure on small enterprises and entrepreneurs in the name of scrutiny and procedures and failure to pin down big corrupt politicians for four years are grave mistakes.

There are not enough benefits for middle class and not enough stopping of meddling class of brash extreme ideologists who lack the delicate diplomatic deceitful way of getting things done silently like many other outfits and therefore expose themselves to media exaggerated public scrutiny.

Hindus are not known to easily remain united on any issue for long.

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