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Monday, March 19, 2018

Art of Balancing the international economic imperatives and national political compulsions

The tough art of flying kite while rope walking.

Let optimism spring eternally, after all universes emerged out of chaos.

But we need to work towards drafting policies that can enable synergy between

1. International or global level playing field with international acceptable and scientifically measurable systems, procedures, processes and practices in the following fields i.e. economics, finance, businesses, infrastructure etc (which are too vast and complicated to oversimplify or over generalize and one cannot expect everything to be implemented over night especially in a nation used to anarchic behaviour ) and

2. Internal imperatives (which include a gamut of things constantly craving for consideration and prioritized attention -ranging from multiple political compulsions to factoring in the bandwidth of huge illiterate and poor to adopt to drastic changes in the short term).

However, with real, as well as much hyped aspirations of almost one sixth of world population and almost one third of world’s youth population we cannot afford to postpone either i.e.

1. Increased and proactive global economic participation with all its concomitant obligations like facilitating ease of business and opening up FDI in many domains.

2. High expectations and political scheming with all its collateral damages to the social fabric in many aspects.

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