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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Raghuram Rajan why is he unfit from a common man's view

In the case of Raghuram Rajan, I am not qualified enough to comment, but I was given to understand that he is very knowledgeable, capable, talented etc but abysmally poor in his knowledge of ground realities of functioning Indian economic scenario and tries to extrapolate his wonderful knowledge acquired from the great Western economic models , especially the model of US of A as he learned from his text books which operate strictly by rules and under the eagle eye of a highly policed state. But India is a different story, for example scams of the magnitude of 2G, CWG, Coal all at more or less within a span of 5 years would have crippled an economy totally but in India it was just headlines for some days , lively debates increasing TRP rating for some news channels engaging lot of verbal nonsense, political circus item for politicians of various parties etc . It did not cripple the economy because India has several and actually more powerful parallel economies with their own unwritten efficient operational mechanism, India is the classical example of what the great American Economist and its ambassador to India kenneth Galbraith termed as 'functional anarchy'. we all experience it on the roads everyday where 95% do not follow any rules of traffic but despite that almost 99% reach their destination safely and one percent meet their fate for the collective mistake of the 95% per cent. This anarchy manifests itself everywhere , even in place where we are supposed to observe sanctity and reverence as in temples. when it is beneficial to us or when it does not affect us directly very much we have no complaints or we do not bother about it because we are used to it or we conveniently philosophize it with various irrelevant justifications including luck, chance, astrological factors etc. So, to operate or function in sensitive posts in such scenarios what is needed is humility combined with an ear to have wide consultations with experienced hands and diplomatically jostle along co operating or at least making a pretense of cooperating with all the existing system based [if we can call it as such ] control mechanisms and ensuring a certain amount of convincing assurance to all the stake holders which include a vast majority of unorganized lenders, borrowers, business operators [including unlicensed factories/manufacturing units, unauthorized financial institutions, unrecognized educational institutions [some times better than recognized ones in quality], manufacturers of duplicate of many big international brands[ how many computer users use original windows software in India including some big corporates]. I remember a real case of a manufacturer of duplicate MICO spark plug [a Gujarathi biz man sending it through a original dealer of MICO spark plug to the original manufacturers as a return of damaged or disfunctional spark plug and the original manufacturer returning it back saying that there is nothing wrong with the piece and it was in fact as per all standards a perfect one, upon which the dealer asked the original manufacturers whether he would be interested in getting it manufactured in India at one 25th the original cost of manufacturing and the original company willingly outsourced it . there are many case studies like that in India, China, Korea, Taiwan etc. The entire gray market for all the top brands in the world are run by few Sindhi biz groups and the very people in US of A and Europe buy from these fellows. present day world economics is euphemistically called by many names like globalization, MNCs etc but in reality there are many islands of lobbies, mafias of all rule breakers in tacit links with rule makers who operate ,sorry manipulate, the markets, commerce, trade , economics, trends etc. So it is indeed a very tough task for even the most well informed and extremely knowledgeable persons to hold vital posts involving every day accountability [ a non existent factor in Indian operations] and constant watch and scrutiny by all the stake holders as well as bench sitters and media muffs who will sit on judgment on everything and it is all the more tough for a person who has had lessor experience of regional ground realities. It is as difficult and as uncomfortable for chaps born and brought up in metros in upper middle class or rich households to squat on the ridges /sloping banks of a paddy field [varappu] and slide the shit on the fields covering all private parts but the village folks do it everyday with extreme ease. I use this simile purposely because of the difficulty involved and delicate nature of the task

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