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Monday, June 23, 2014

Art of growing or gracefully aging

Accommodating without annoying; Adjusting without throwing aimless accusations;
Bolstering without brainwashing; breaking the barriers of blind beliefs and baseless bluffs;
Co-operating without criticizing; carrying on without clandestine cunningness;
Doing without dodging; doing duties despite all dilemmas;
Endearing without emotionalizing; empowering everyone with one’s experiences;
Familiarizing without fondling; functioning without fault finding or fussing or fanaticism;
Giving without grudging; growing beyond greed;
Helping without haggling; harboring hearty hospitality without hidden agenda or hypocrisy;
Injecting values without interfering; involving without impeding idealism or impervious indifference;
Joining without jilting or jumping to judgments or justifications;
Knowledge gaining without knocking off kindness;
Living life without lecturing about lifestyle changes; live in love and you will always love to live more;
Managing without manipulating; motivating without malicious intentions;
Nurturing new options without negating;
Offering without ordering;
Performing without publicizing; promoting others without preaching;
Quenching without quibbling,
Responding without retaliating,
Sharing without a feeling of stooping,
Tolerating without taunting,
Understanding without usurping,
Valuing without withdrawing,
Widen areas of interest and share your wisdom of experience;
x-raying into the self without comparing,
yielding without yearning,
zealously participating without mentally zigzagging.

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