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Monday, June 23, 2014

Ebb and Tide

Ebb    and 

My head you cannot touch
Though you  can see my morning eye in the sun
And the evening eye in the moon.
My body I keep cool
But I don’t know why all come near me
Near my
                 ebb and tide
Most of you slip in, as if unnoticed,
Not wanting to be noticed, as if unnoticeable.
I know it is not in your nature to admire nature.
I can see the
                          ebb and tideof your uneasy motives.

Waves of humanity come and go
Hunting for associations and haunted by associations,
Verily various versions and perversions
Of mere sexual liaisons, passions,
Petrified pretensions and putrefied intentions;
There is no love or affection
Only lust in motion causing commotion;
Who can say what love is?
It is a noteworthy emotion
Easily noticeable and never hides
And this is not a mere
                               ebb and tideof human hides.

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