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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Left over Left in India

1.       The Left in India is pseudo.

2.       Even with its pseudo ideology it did not prosper but it survived because of personality cults of Jyothi Basu and Namboodribad, the anti thesis of so called ideology based parties but that is how left has been in most countries which have had  vast illiteracy except in Europe where real socialistic concepts were implemented in a very democratic way.

3.       Left, whenever it felt its power mongering and power hungry set up was in danger, never analyzed the causes, instead, it let loose its army of trade unions to resort to strikes and protests especially in the public sector banks which jeopardized the economy so that the government of the day had to invite them for talks where they gleefully repeated their slogan studded socially and emotionally appealing pallavis [refrains] of victimhood, disparity, concern for working class etc and got the media mileage and thus the question of self analysis was never in the scheme of things of the Indian Left nor was for that matter their much publicized concern for the poor.

4.       When  Jyothi Basu and Namboodri moved out the Indian Left moved from bad to worse. It became an enterprise run by  Sitharam Yetchuris and Karat and family with their men in media who continued to give this enterprise some relevance by seeking their views on everything on earth except why the Left has been using only violence, misusing the employees of public sector banks through their trade unionism [ which has become an item to kept in the attic of a museum as even if all nationalized banks go on one month strike now Indian economy can function smoothly and even most of the members have realized the irrelevance and in efficiency of leftist trade unions] and abusing the media space by planting its verbal soldiers who were resorting to constant verbal diarrhea devoid of any sensitivity to reality in the realm of either global economic development or the cultural ethos of Indians. On the contrary it adopted indifference to anything Indian and worse still resorted to mock at and insult anything that was part of Indian tradition or culture.

5.       The left over Left’s so called leaders’ opportunism stooped to such low levels which also included acting totally contrary to its basic ideology like supporting the most corrupt and national wealth looting Congress to remain in prominence and this opportunism got exposed to the public who can now access information from several sources besides the left dominated media houses.

6.       Not only this, the Indian Left also actively aided and abetted the crimes of corruption  by asking its army in the media to be silent which otherwise resorts to verbal masturbation in the name of debates and discussions.

7.       The Indian Left was playing the communal card by targeting anything that was Hindu and was trying to act as if they are the guardians of Muslims while not allowing any Muslim leader come to prominence within the party or aiding any Muslim outfit to emerge powerful and the Muslims realized that the Left was also misusing them for their political ends like the congress and playing communal politics but labeling it as their brand of ‘Secularism’ through their media soldiers.

8.       The Left screwed the lives of Bengalis beyond repair so badly that while other metros are at least 30 times more prosperous than Calcutta and have more educational institutes and employment opportunities than Bengal which is as slow and as much a relic as its tram.

9.       No sane business or commercial enterprise will venture in the two Left ruled and ruined states Bengal and Kerala.

10.    In the 21st century scheme of economic development oriented, education promoting and employment generating, global perspective and process of progress it is sane and better to leave the Indian Left and move ahead. There is no need, no role and no voice for such betrayers of India, its real poor and practicing anti social activities in the name of socialism.

11.    In brief the Indian Left likes and loves to perpetuate the ills of 18th century and gets its pleasure [like a monkey scratching its wound]  and tries to derive its power out of it by ensuring that there are a constant group of victims and these self styled social justice seeking leaders are their saviours. Sorry, the society had enough of Indian Left’s  dubious credentials.

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