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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


THE MALADY IS CORRUPTION HAS BECOME A WAY                                                     OF LIFE

         MR. Jyothiyendra Scindia preach propriety to your leaders and PM

Today i.e 29th May I got to read even the headlines only by 5 P.M and in TOI I read Jyothiyendra Scindia’s statement as headlines and laughed initially then got angry. 

Well he  has correctly said, “Propriety in public life requires that N. Srinivasan the BCCI president must resign”.  

After all N.Srinivasan the well placed [politically] and well connected[politically] person unfortunately has ill placed son and now son-in-law [ a school dropout forgot Agnes’s Law : Almost everything in life is easier to get into than out of ]

N.Srinivasan would do well to remember Sir George Savile’s  Rule: Those who think money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money [ including giving over importance to  an uneducated son-in –law ] and also remember  Forfar’s fact :When you are right, no one remembers. When you are wrong, no one forgets. 

After all wasn’t this the starting point of valmiki’s metamorphosis from a thief to saint when his wife and children did not approve of his deeds [wrong ones albeit he did for the welfare of /survival of his wife and children]. 

After all Mr. Srini draw strength from Drew’s Law: Life is full of minor and major problems; some days you get both as I get news updates in my tablets now reveal. 

Though you may be the chairman of Board of Control for Cricket in India you must remember Van Roy's Truisms: Life is a whole series of circumstances beyond your control

Chisholm’s Law of Human Interaction: Anytime things appear to be going better-you have overlooked something and most importantly Steigner’s Law: This is as bad as the situation can get-but don’t bet on it.

Mr. Scindia  I remember reading Newman’s Law which says, ‘ Hypocrisy is the Vaseline of social intercourse’ and  I would like you to remember Hind's Hindsights: We regret more things we didn't do than things we did do.

Why didn’t you ask for Sonia’s or Rahuls resignation when Robert Vadra’s deals came to light? Why didn’t you think of propriety demanding PM’s resignation when his ministry i.e. coal is involved in huge corruptionOr were you silenced by remembering Dr. Conklin's Rules: When it comes to corruption, nothing succeeds like money.

Or are you first in the list of some more Congis who have been assigned the task to divert the public and engage the media from scams in Coal, Thorium, Food Grains, participatory Notes etc and made to use Devyver’s  Law: Given a sufficient number of people and an adequate amount of time [ media attention], you can create insurmountable opposition [selectively] to the most inconsequential idea [IPL fixing scam]. 

Corruption is forcing the youth of this country into a sickening syndrome of what Emo Philips said once, “When I was a kid, I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realized that the Lord doesn’t work that way, so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me”.

N. Srinivasan is probably one of those who followed Laurence J.Peter’s advise, “If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three”. 

Here being BCCI president and team owner did not make it right so probably they tried the third one. 

No one can be blindly accused unless proven guilty and he [N. Srinivasan] too like the politicians cannot brush aside trial by the media as Enoch Powell  said, “Politicians who complain about the media are like sailors who complain about the sea”. 

While those of the ilk of Sreeshanth etc might have fallen prey to Mim's Messages:Bat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may diet[ in prison].

We shall analyse the whole gamut of issues here.

Henry Miller once said, “ one of the nine reasons why reincarnation happens is sex and all other eight reasons do not count”. 

Similarly the main reason for most of our ills and economic backwardness, being kicked out of Olympics etc is corruption the rest do not count or are incidental and these financial aberrations in IPL too are the result of the same mentality to make a fast buck the easy way. 

Sreesanth might have thought even if caught he can join congress and become an MP like Azhar.

It is the party which made the first big match fixer Azharuddin as an MP.

Now How money is used? Who pumps in that money? How those who pump in such huge money got that money? Is BCCI, an institution with dubious status but immense power like NAC, without accountability to none nor subject to supervision of any has been efficiently spinning enough money to not only run IPL but almost control the game of cricket globally. 

This must be the only organization of its kind or probably more useful than its counterpart NAC which ruins governance controlling the parliament and making the PM dumb on many issues.

Many do many things for money and money does many things for many why should any means or methods of movement of money be questioned in IPL? which as I said earlier is for spinning money. 

These aberrations are the doosras of that spin.

If something has wrong within IPL isn’t propriety and moral responsibility equally on IPL commissioner to resign or is he getting any immunity because he is in congress which has come out with a new definition of Einstein’s Relativity E = mc²

Eligibility to swindle= Member of Congress.


It is almost as if wherever there is a congress man there is corruption or wherever there is corruption there is a congressman. It is like children in the dark cause accidents and accidents in the dark cause children.

When Hasan Ali the Hawala operator is let scot free? When Swan telecom is allowed to get away? When Participatory Notes are allowed by our FM to rig the share market against the advices of SEBI chairman? When CBI is used to bury the Bofors, vindicate a Vadra and hound a Jagan reddy? Etc Mr.Scindia what is the use of your talk of propriety now? What prevents BCCI’s president from bailing out son-in –law. After all wasn’t DLF the main sponsors the first 5 years who owns maximum shares in DLF the whole country knows.

India is not only the country of raising sons but sons-in-law and daughter-in law.

We as a nation is a pendulum swinging between selective amnesia in our opinions and judgments mostly injected by the biased media [which goes by Burr’s Law: You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, and that’s sufficient.] and collective indifference in our reactions combined with a very bad  attitude wafting in vacuous inanity unaware  of our nation’s excellent identity as a great nation which has pride of ancestry and hope for the future. 

Many concerned citizens have become mere silent spectators just moving their handkerchiefs from their pockets to their eyes.

Are we tend to over react emotionally clamouring for banning IPL altogether. It is a kejeriwal Bhushan syndrome which is pessimistically wanting to amputate the leg to cure a wound.

All said and done IPL T20 gave a lease of life at least commercially  to the game of cricket otherwise it was losing its fans, sponsors etc simply because:-

1] The countries playing the game were less in number,

2] ENGLAND and AUSTRALIA which were at least commercially and administratively dominating the game just faded commercially not even able to support its county teams with extremely dwindling crowds and lack of sponsors with their national economies too undergoing recession,

 3] West indies which though never was a commercial sponsor but a great provider of great cricketers too went down unable to produce great stars which too was more due to lack of money in the game than due to internal politics

4] This left the game to be taken care of by Pakisthan ,Sri Lanka and India

5] And of these three Pak could not be trusted on anything [even providing safety to its own foreign coach] and on economy Pak does not exist on world map,

6] Srilanka was struggling to pay for even its top cricket players.

7] Herein the Indian biz giants, Bollywood stars etc with not so transparent or glorious credentials but with huge money jumped in and en-cashed well and also ensured the game ,especially  the players got financial incentives to continue to play the game.

8] In the process IPL has produced good players and stars for many cricket playing nations.

9] That's why you will not hear any big player making any comments except one or two like Bishen Singh Bedi [who has always suffered from Indian mother-in law syndrome..of grumbling  in our days for 5 days of cricket we got only Rs 1000 and had to buy our own kits etc ] nor will any biz man or political party openly make any comment.

10] Remember that IPL cannot be an exception to Kegley’s Principle of Observation: No matter where or what, there are makers, takers and fakers.

IPL match fixing see the whole hearted sincere corrective effort by all, the police, politicians everyone alike because no one wants to lose the huge business and also allow new looters to share the loots whereas in other scams both the media and through them the masses followed The “Where Are They when You Need Them?”

 Principle: If a man steals from you once , he’s a fool; if a man steal from you twice you are the fool; if he steals from you thrice, the odds are eight to five the thief and the agency charged with the theft protection are one and the same.

And there were always scapegoats starting from Natwar Singh in Petrol to Raja in 2G to Aswini kumar in Coal etc

So we the people of India must take a resolve to do away with corruption and throw away corrupt politicians and parties.  

Till then all the laws, law enforcing agencies etc are ineffective. A big road map can give you all the directions but not how to refold it properly.

Want of time and other priorities makes me stop with this.

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