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Monday, August 2, 2021

public sentiment is a see-saw


The general public sentiment is a see-saw. 



One side is gullible to stereotyped, over generalization which makes sweeping criticisms generating more sensationalism and raw material for headline grabbing narratives.



Other side is doing contextually relevant evaluation, analysis and domain specific observations which may not be sensational. 



Media manipulates which side the weight has to go. 



Modern day politics, like every other domain has too many dimensions and multiple dynamics with a onus of regulating, controlling while offering freedom for scrutiny and all these must be done while holding on to some organizational power or position which means almost a tricky balancing act which must also ensure not to prick the delicate sensitivity of any section of the population.



Political positions offer a lot of opportunities, they also carry a weight of voluminous past, and must cater to new and greater expectations.


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