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Monday, August 2, 2021

Education and employment

We as a nation have an education system predominantly steeped in hyper rehearsals for exams till as late as into post-graduation.​​

We do not emphasize much about understanding and application and as a consequence we lack far behind in  R&D where  everyone is equally guilty parents, teachers, students, educational institutions,  society, corporates and governments.

Of course, we have too many regulations further spiced up with excessive political interference. 

Besides, as a democratic country with responsibility for human welfare and environmental concerns we cannot manufacture toys and gadgets with toxic materials; we cannot pollute the environment; we need to respect labor laws etc. 

Factories, workshops acting as a manufacturing hub for outsourced products etc., alone do not make a great economy, much less a great living.

Given a chance everyone prefers the easy, comfortable, trendy, socially more appreciated and better salaried lifestyle with more options to switch over from one enterprise to another.

It would be wrong to say that we have not made great strides in pharmaceuticals, finance, banking etc.

Both individual income as well as national revenue have increased due to all types of IT and fin tech services.

Life must be lived in all its splendors, with all its blunders and wonders of living and all of these cannot be sacrificed at the altar of GDP.

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