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Monday, August 2, 2021

Middle class and existential priorities

 The rich may not bother about most things unless it affects their business and personal life and the poor because of their dependence do not care for nuances and niceties as long as someone comes forward to help them come out of poverty. 

The responsibility and relevance  of the bridge between the two becomes vital in various aspects of a nation's economy, culture, collective socio-psychological behaviors etc.

As Lester Thurow says, "A healthy middle class is necessary to have a healthy political democracy. A society made up of rich and poor has no mediating group either politically or economically.”  

Again the same author writes, "Change requires individuals who recognize that new things can be done and who take the initiative to get them done ... The existing bureaucracies, public and private, will not take on the job of changing what is".

As existential priorities change most identities of religion, region, race etc., will continue as they must but will hopefully take a back seat as they should. 

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