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Friday, April 5, 2019

Violation is a violation

1. Rules are human made ( not man made avoid gender bias - even as a matter of expression).

2. No one is obliged to follow anything anytime.

3. Everything is a matter of choice and decision ( sometimes these two terms choice and decisions are used as euphemisms or mere terminological inexactitudes to avoid accepting hypocrisy or compromise or desperate decisions).

4. Apart and away from individual choices, the law enforcing or rule applying institutions cannot adopt double standards ( it is the smartness of individual or interpretation of rule or law that can enable one to get a reprieve).

5. However, no one assume the prerogative of getting immunity from rule of law ( we can circumvent it by all means).

6. More so, especially in any high stake involved cut throat competitive professions.

7. Violation is a violation , whatever be the past conventions, practices , norms etc.

8. I am not a great fan of Ashwin, but no one by any stretch of imagination can justify a runner staring to run even before the ball is delivered. No one does it even on the last ball of 20th over.

9. It is a modern media or journalistic disease that percolate into social media too where people suffer from RRR syndrome when proper government schemes become dole whereas false electoral promise becomes a ' economic assistance rolled out in phased manner.

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