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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Progress must not be restricted through any qualifying adjectives like linear, cyclical, lateral, people centric and so on.

Progress is anything and everything that ensures better, comfortable, happy, peaceful, prosperous life and living conditions to as many persons as possible, in as many ways as possible and as much as possible.

In that aspect as Jaggi says, almost all of us are living a life more comfortable than the kings of 17th century.

Progress is something that enables to create conducive conditions for all or some of the above to take place by all means, primarily keeping intact sense of balance of individuals and welfare of the society.

This requires synergy of three things primarily and may be for the sake of convenience conveyed in time slots as follows:-

1.   Inheriting from the past the time tested values and wisdom,

2.   Infusing at present contextually relevant ideas and actions which are intrinsically important for harmonious life on earth harmony among people, species and the environment and

3.   Bequeath to future generations all the benefits creating livable habitation and loveable inhabitants.



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