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Friday, December 23, 2016

Words and USA

The United States and the word.

I enjoyed reading the article and it was really wonderful.

I have always believed that through a close study of words and languages and their evolution we can travel through cultures, histories and events of the past, imaginations of the mind and impacts of events.

All these are because every word and language record facts as well as aspirations and ideas.

They are the main bridges between the remote past and repository for posterity.

Language is the most powerful medium and it is the queen of sciences and king of arts because all arts and sciences can be expressed and explained fully; enjoyed and experienced at least to a certain extent through langue.

Words are its main hardware

And articulation is the art of carrying and conveying thoughts, ideas for multiple purposes using words and language to great effect.

In true analysis I always loved and place my loyalty to British English but the American English has made a very great contribution through its unfettered freedom to express freely and frankly the thoughts and feelings without any constraint of hypocritical diplomatic restraint and this has enriched the English language with a vast ocean of vocabulary and highly flexible expressions and new combinations whose etymology unravel the myriad facets of modern life and its emerging aspirations.

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