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Monday, December 5, 2016

Plans and decision making

Neither Shewag nor anyone bowling to him can plan for his late cuts but the impact and execution are a delight to watch.

Plans by themselves, if we brush aside the management books could be predictable plans, prescribed pattern of plans, unorthodox plans, unexpected plans, incomprehensible plans etc.

Modern economy and politics are too complicated because the flexibility required for accommodating emerging trends, contexts and tackling crooked players of all hues and types.

Media or stereotyped academicians fixing terminologies and labels and expecting everyone to accept them with axiomatic certitude and consider them as an eternal constant like the North Star is just plain stupidity.

I wish, instead that these media persons start their scripts with a better understanding of the prevailing contexts and roll out relevant material.

Recently in the past two few days I have been countering unending tirade of suggestions from academically well qualified people.
The replies are in the following two links:-

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