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Monday, December 5, 2016

Division and Oneness

                                    Division and Oneness

Division are merely the visible manifestations of  some deep rooted causes like excessive identity veneration of all hues which are enhanced by constant emphasis on differences and further fueled by multiple vested interest institutions to manipulate like some media houses, some political leaders, some religious leaders and various ideology peddlers.

What is needed is an unbiased understanding of reality and a better realization of oneness among all; what in reality is whole and not divided; and a conscious effort towards generating synergy to create unity among inherent and inevitable polarity not paradoxes; generate synergy amid contradictions and variety.

We need to see and accept what are the differences and find solutions within them to create unity. I would like to visualize an acronym of DIVISION like this:-

Differences are
Variety is
Inherent and
Synergy is
Indispensable to
Nicely the Oneness of all. 

The following links give a glimpse into topics related to identity, variety, unity, wholeness, polarity principle, realization of oneness etc.

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