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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Words - how they evolve, grow or get mutilated

Metamorphosis of words and expressions manifest what?

First listen to this wonderful and humorous speech about euphemism .

It spells out humorously the metamorphosis of many expression trying to hide reality for example how crippled or physically challenged or handicapped became disabled and then redesigned into differently-abled or handi-capable etc

Laugh yourself out and then let us get down to find out why it is so?

This metamorphosis of terminology is the manifestation of socio-religio- culturally inherited hypocrisies which very conveniently and fluently coin euphemistic expressions to mask reality or add connotations to existing terms which totally hide the original denotation of the word.

As a person interested, having done some reading, writing, teaching etc in lexicography, linguistics, etymology in some languages, I can say that words used in a particular region, at a particular time, carry with them a whole lot of socio-cultural psychological attitudes, attributes, perceptional biases/inadequacies and ideological conditioning etc.

The whole lot of TV soaps/bubbles called as serials and most of the Bollywood and Kollyhood nonsense are all imbued with these nonsensical terminologies with which the whole society is infected. Everyone who is involved in perpetuating these hypocrisies exhibits a healthy public view and engages in a filthy activity in private.

Hypocrisies get so well ingrained that it is almost automatic, spontaneous, infectious and manifests in all spheres of life be it in family, be it in relationship with the near and dear ones, be it in society, be it in office, be it in closed circle of friends, be it in group of artists, be it in observing traditions or rituals etc. If by mistake anyone acts without these hypocrisies that person would be either branded as eccentric or arrogant or excommunicated or at least ostracized by the rest.

Language is one of the most effective tool for manipulation, brain washing, propaganda etc as it is one the most important carrier of human thoughts and emotions as well as social and cultural taboos and trends. There are lots about and involving language and its politics.

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I thought of writing this because a friend of mine a good dancer was wondering and posted in FB page ‘ Why do we insist on creating a culture of shame and taboo around organic human relationships and all that comes from them? Like pregnancy, for instance. Why are people hesitant to use that word?!! 'She is in the family way' - she is where? 'She is carrying' - carrying what? A shopping bag? 'She is expecting' - expecting what? A big chocolate cake all to herself? That she most certainly is! Language is not voldemort. It won't kill you or jinx you to use the right word.’

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