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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It is very easy to be generous in offering stereotyped, over general, didactic advices which incidentally involve arriving at such opinions based on judgment: using whatever limited knowledge and perception we have to make a choice based on discretion in comparison with other ways of leading a life.

Therefore, being judgmental and comparing are part and parcel of our very thought process [fortunately or unfortunately one of the most powerful tool we human beings have over the other species] with all its positives and negatives and comparing is an inevitable choice further propelled by our social survival requirements.

So, at the outset itself I feel we should not advocate or inject hypocritical principles to our children because sooner or later they are going to stare at the inherent contradictions of these oft repeated advises, made with good intentions, and their inability to experience life without comparing or making judgments.

Instead what we can do is to expose them to multiple modes of reasoning and give them enough freedom to question, reason out and experience life in their own way in their own terms. They may succeed or not. But they will at least know and feel responsible for what they do, what they become and who they are. Ultimately life is experienced and lived in different emerging contexts and situations and there are no predefined reference templates to do that. What at best can be done is to enable and empower every individual to understand his inherent attributes both strengths and weaknesses and encourage them to adopt certain attitudes which can help them wade through real life situations combing these attributes and attitudes. We can at best educate them what are the best possible attitudes to be adopted at individual level and social level.

Honestly all of us need to accept the fact, at least most of us, do not know what is Reality or what is The Ultimate truth etc.

Let wise philosophers and spiritually enlightened souls have the privilege of spelling out authentic pronouncements on these two often debated, discussed issues around which a lot revolves, namely, Reality and The Ultimate Truth. 

Let ordinary mortals, read, and relish and try to grasp them as far as we can with as many modes of reasoning and through as many methods of approaches as we can.

Instead we must educate and enable them to make sound judgments and appropriate, relevant and reasonable comparisons; inculcate the values of tolerance, compassion etc for a peaceful and harmonious social life.

We need to know that: An A to Z free verse on these different aspects.

Our ambitions are too achievement oriented to accept everything and everyone;
Our beliefs are too blinkered to bear everything and everyone;
Our cleverness is too corrupted to care for everything and everyone;
Our dexterity is too delicate to deftly handle everything and everyone;
Our emotions are too entangled to entertain and engage everything and everyone;
Our faith is too firmly fixed to fly freely and find everything and everyone;
Our generosity guarded to give into everything and everyone;
Our hearts are too hypocritical to harbor everything and everyone;
Our intellect and ideologies are too impervious to include everything and everyone;
Our judgments are too jagged to justify everything and everyone;

Our knowledge is too knotty to know everything and everyone;
Our life span is too limited to learn about everything and everyone;
Our mentality is too meanly molded to manage everything and everyone;
Our notions are too narrow to nurture everything and everyone;
Our occupations are too overloaded to let us observe everything and everyone;
Our perceptions are too prejudiced to permit everything and everyone;
Our quests are too quirky to quench everything and everyone;
Our reasons are too restrictive to realize everything and everyone;
Our senses are too selective and selfish to Boldsatisfy everything and everyone;

Our thoughts are too conditioned to tolerate everything and everyone;
Our urges are too utilitarianistic to understand everything and everyone;
Our values are too vacillating to vindicate everything and everyone;
Our will power is too weak to work with everything and everyone;
Our x-axial greed is too xiphoid not to cut off everything and everyone;
Our yearnings are too yummy to let us yield to everything and everyone;
Our zeal is too zigzagging to give zest to everything and everyone.

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