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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wendy’s ways, American’s woes, what sex says and wisdom rays

Wendy’s ways, American’s woes, what sex says and wisdom rays.

Everything has a limit, freedom does not mean unbridled right to do whatever pleases a person or to clandestinely pursue any hidden agenda or suspicious motives.

Life is an unmapped atlas which gets its maps based on our choices, beliefs, actions, reactions, thoughts, attitudes etc and it is in our hands to make each one of these continents as great and as good as possible. That’s why in every subject new and startling discoveries and newer revelations emerge every day, some reinforcing existing facts , some refuting existing facts etc and this happens in all spheres including science, archeological evidences, genetic evidences ,DNA studies etc .

While on one side the world is wonderfully widening its horizons of understanding for betterment of human beings and the environment as a whole establishing the unity beneath the factual marvelous variety helping humanity to see through rays of wisdom there are intolerant forces which want to ignite animosities through certain obnoxious individuals and institutions, ideologies all of which seek cheap notoriety by making life and society to swing as a pendulum between scandals [authors like Wendy and many journalists whose only path to short term recognition is through controversies and hurling insults] and vandals [terrorist and political schemers who manipulate society and misuse human beings and environment for their short term political gains].

Freedom of expression also involves obviously what you express? Why you express? And how you express? Etc. All these are, and must be subject to scrutiny at least by the parties who are the targets of that expression or victims of that expression. In fact these types of freedom of expression and uncensored propaganda has done more damage to humanity than even the worst wars because the destructive impact of war is at that moment and mostly material ,of course in some cases, the psychological and cultural damage that wars inflict linger for some generations, whereas these activities of passing on a venomous and vulgar write ups [ never call them literature] damage generations of people and sometimes inflict permanent damage as was the case of Aryan invasion theory which has distorted the whole perception of many generations of innocent learners because they were presented only with that version of history which was an intentional lie perpetrated by the colonial rulers to divide the masses so that it became easier for them to rule. This lie of Aryan invasion has been a great tool in the hands of perverts. In what way were these less harmful than the Nazi propaganda or that of communist Russia’s propaganda in the time of Stalin.

It is all the more in the areas dealing with expressing opinions and interpretations concerning  socio-cultural activities, involving political ideologies, pertaining to socio religious activities, interpretation and very presentation of historical events etc.

These subjects are sensitive  and susceptible to hurt the sentiments especially when the interpretations are perverted, provocative and prejudiced with ulterior and ugly motives, still worse peppered with over dose of pornography as in the case of Wendy, who else can imagine a elephant’s trunk to be a enlarged phallus  even a factory load of Viagra cannot make it that big, strong and flexible and that too to  link that with the nose [she referred thus Lord Ganesha’s nose], is intentionally meant to hurt , if she had bothered to study private organs scientifically there is only connection between the size of nose and size of vagina genetically as it is with the size of the big toe and penis. I can give more scientifically based porn literature for her that will be educative at least in that subject and I can also prescribe herbal juices which can do wonders for various pornographic activities with authenticity because  being a person born in India which practiced a culture that has treated sex normally as one among the many important aspects of life so much so that it had the world’s first detailed authentic scripture for sex in the form of Kama Sutra and had sexual postures depicted in the Gopurams [steeple] of temples of worship itself and to my knowledge no other religious denomination has made such bold and frank assertions about sex with ease in such ancient times.

On the contrary the West has either made sex a taboo or got over- obsessed with it starting with the Freudian faux pas of interpreting everything and venerating porn as the perennial priority and preoccupation of human mind that too with the parochial patriarchal western tinge of viewing the feminine only as an object of pressure and this has reflected in the cultural attitudes of almost past two to three generations of the west and unfortunately these extreme attitudes towards sex is infecting the whole globe as well.
Coming back to nose and sex  Wendy may refer to these two sites for updating her knowledge

Correlation between cytological characteristics of the nasal epithelium and the menstrual cycle.   -FREUD’S NOSE ,  for practical research in sex and for  88 strange facts about sex [Besides humans, bonobos (a type of chimp) and dolphins are the only animals that have sex for pleasure.]
So what we expect out of any sane institution in such situation to do is to remove such perverted persons from its campus and the publishers must never entertain such author within the compass of their publications, for, ultimately the institutes and the publishers both suffer loss of image and reputation and if either of them have a concern for such author, then they must take that author to a psychiatrist to help her/him out.

On a national level the country whose citizens have been hurt by such filthy write up must have had the spine to lodge an official protest without mincing words or as a cultural group affected by such provocative piece of nonsense, here I mean Hindus and Indians must boycott such institution and such publisher till such time such author is removed from her post or position. This will establish that Hindus too have self respect, they too can be united and that no one can have a free ride calumnizing  a great tolerant way of living called Sanathana Dharma. 

I am open to any healthy criticism and/or questioning of any Hindu practice or tradition but not filthy write ups with half baked knowledge and total lack of understanding of both the subject of expression as well as abysmally poor tools used to handle the subject, I mean very poor standard of language with inappropriate words and expressions.
I can give a sentence by sentence rebuttal and a prescriptive psychological remedy for the perversion of the person and her culture in a more flamboyant language but the wisdom of Sanathan Dharma says, wise people must not waste much time and energy dealing with persons of mean culture and meaner mentality.
Beware the intellectual strength of India can cause retaliatory havoc  through very powerful and more provocative and thought provoking , not pornographic, writing which can cause irreparable damage to your cultural milieu which has neither pride of ancestry nor hope for the future.
Subjects like those of pure sciences, mathematics, higher forms of spiritual and philosophical enquiry  etc the opinions or interpretations do not distort facts. That’s why saner societies and people pay more heed to them and spend more money on it than these institutes which waste money in funding such academics when millions of Americans are suffering without employment. It is time that the US/UK administration also woke up and corrected such wrong priorities like producing such filthy write ups, sponsoring such mean academics and spending for missionary activities across the globe etc instead such money can be used to improve and generate employment within USA/UK for their own citizens and make them psychologically competitive with the Indians, Chinese, Japanese etc.
Homogenizing and hegemony  are old pastimes and it is time that US/UK cultural mindsets  realize that and throw out all those trying to work in those directions as that would only backfire , be that in political ideology, economic theory, religious bigotry , academic  institutions.
Nature is unity in variety and it is the way that nature manifests in all spheres and it would be better to appreciate and accept it as a fact, even if one cannot assimilate it, rather than attack variety. All these started with labeling anything that the western colonial and hegemony hackers did not understand as pagan, heathen etc rather derogatorily. Life for the individual and the society is a constant process of adjusting, experimenting, experiencing and learning without any prejudicial or parochial pushing away of unknown, misunderstood and unfamiliar aspects of life.
The marvelous recent revelations and multiple ways to promote harmony through a proper rational approach, scientific understanding and generous attitude and humane ways of living are many and here I am quoting some of them. I would like publishers and institutes to encourage such works so that we can gift something worthy to posterity rather than something filthy like Wendy’s works.

Proper sexual perception is good but obsessive perversion of sex is a mental disease and a cancer when it is pasted on other subjects irrelevantly and therefore all sane forces need to fight against such cancer like the one that Wendy has spread through her book.

Find below links for useful relevant information on rational, scientific understanding of life and proper ingestion of facts and exalted interpretation of generosity. 

The genetic origins of today’s Native Americans have long puzzled scientists. Some experts thought that their ancestors came to the Americas from Europe; others argued that they had arrived from Asia. Now a consortium of scientists have analyzed DNA taken from the skeleton of a young boy who had lived in Montana 12,600 years ago and shown that he had Asian not Eur
opean origins. The skeleton was found with the distinctive tools made by the Clovis people, revealing that the Clovis are ancestors of Native Americans. DNA was taken and analyzed with permission from the Native American tribes who live in the area with a beautiful picture in the YouTube.
2] http://www.cultureunplugged./ com/documentary/watch-online/ play/50597/Beyond-Reason 

My films are non-commercial, non-profit and educational. I've made them at my own expense and provide them at no cost to you on my advertisement-free site!! 

Frank Huguenard, Executive Producer 
Beyond Me Films 
3] Change of perspective if I were to use the modern terminology tweaking your perception to provide a better world do not miss to listen to this wonderful speech excellent speech ,we all need to pop out of our identity cages to think broadly and act generously .

I would like to end with a quote by Pema Chodron,  "We work on ourselves in order to help others, but also we help others in order to work on ourselves."

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