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Monday, March 10, 2014

Tamil movies and TV serials why they are so sickening ?

Let me tell something frankly about this much hyped audio release as for the lyrics nothing is new 

1] it is trite and tiresome. It is typical traditional portrayal of women as a desperate being getting into one way traffic mode offering and worse still obsequiously promising[ i cannot use swearing because of its connotations now] everything ,including an assurance that she would act as his mother, where is the identity of the wife, where is her reciprocal expectations, love, any love is a profusion of generous offering and also at least some reciprocal expectations.

2. music very mediocre even a 12 year old boy/girl can make a more intricate and better music with an ordinary casio

3. it neither sticks to any perfect swara of any single raga nor does it glide seamlessly into crystal clear ragamaliga.

4. it is very ordinary meaningless and worthless rhyme for pre-kg kids .

5. I think a society like India with very rich multiple musical traditions, great history excellent film music, with a very vast literary heritage, with slightly modern approach towards women,especially in her role as a wife must definitely move forward and produce better stuff but then who bothers about quality or creativity or originality or modern thinking in Tamil movie field.

6] the song yamunai atriley era katrile was better than this as a simple melody.

7] this sort of soul less whispering of simple harmonic motions through well equipped acoustic gadgets must be done away with .

8] Otherwise the already dwindling voice culture and pathetic sruthi suddham of south Indian vocalists will get worse.

9] Let us not pamper everything that pops up in cine field blindly .

10] today we tolerate five five kalchufy which has neither lyrics, nor language nor music but mere noise pollution.

11] unless and until the society stops sponsoring such juvenile and substandard stuff we cannot expect tamil film world to emancipate in the least bit fortunately in the past 12 years i would have hardly watched 10 tamil films and that most out of compulsion.

12] day by day the deterioration is so pathetic that the money spend on these unworthy filth can be better utilized for some social cause or promoting better entertainment.

13] as long as these types of tamil films exist and tamilians watch them too i do not think that any sane person would look at our cultural heritage or refrain from our social standards because films like literature are supposed to reflect something creative, original, aesthetic, socially enhancing etc, unfortunately tamil films , majority of them do none of these.

I think it is the same problem in culture too as in socio political arena, our wrong and misplaced identities influenced more by publicity. we are caught in a cultural vicious circle which says the artist s produce what the public enjoys , appreciates, pays for etc and the public say that they are made to watch what the artists [so called ] provide. we need to get out of this mutually destructive vicious circle rather than creating a ven diagram of more vicious circles in every field. we must keep at bay the kamala hassans , TM krishnas. It does not mean I am totally biased or prejudiced against Tamil movies if serious ones like Mozhi or sentimental ones like Abhiyum nanum or Thavamai thavamirundu or comedies I have not seen any in Tamil in recent past , all that they do is stand up and render some kadies, it is as bad as olichithram the audio presentation of movies, only in the field of Tamil movies this can happen. can you tolerate visual presentation of carnatic music? or presentation of shakespeare's works in painting form? or Picasso's paintings in audio form? please think. Why can't we produce a single serial like Yes minister,Lie to me , Castle, Big bang theory, Gray's anatomy,House etc so that the Tamil speaking public can also know about subjects other than mother in law daughter in law tug of war, submissive wives, drunken husbands, eloping wives etc. we have already deprived two generations of Tamil movie and Tamil tv viewers lot of good stuff. I sometimes pity the Indian movie and TV serial viewers which unfortunately is 80% of the population. The major culprits are these kamal hassans, sahruk khans, vijays etc and the accomplices are viewers especially educated ones. If Tamil movies and magazines are bad avoid them it wont hurt your tamil sentiments. On the contrary viewing and reading them will only blunt your brains, senses, sensitivities and we will be slipping into unworthy and inescapable identity cages

Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.
~Jim Fiebig

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