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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Identity and reality

Maoist Soni Sori, "most wanted" Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda joined (AAP) with Prashant Bhushan , a reputed lawyer also in the ranks of AAP . Kameshwar Bhaitha joins BJP. He is an ex-Maoist leader, wanted for killing 17 policemen. So why can’t we say BJP is also Maoist?

Our country made even Poolan Devi an M.P. and you know when women MPs of the parliament were assembled for a gathering no one could talk on any subject with Poolan Devi nor could she talk, Jayanthi Natrajan wrote about it very nicely in the Indian express at that time.

Such concerns and conversions personalities from violent aggressors or thieves into dignified personalities in the hope of them making total 180 degree metamorphosis is well intended  and great hope based thinking.

Who was Valmiki after all?. Society must give everyone a chance. There is a big restaurant [I have forgotten the name ] in Pigalle in some old Chateau or at 78 Boulevard de Clichy, Next to Moulin Rough France where a good hearted priest with good intentions runs a hotel and all the staff members are ex- criminals, prostitutes, ex-convicts etc because no other place accepted them including their former families. Incidentally it has one of the most popular bars with topless waitresses.

Jean Paul Sartre has written a great book titled Saint Gene real life character like Valmiki] wherein he excellently elucidates the psychological metamorphosis that such people undergo very lucidly.

But then this again must be evaluated from case to case and in proper context, just because BJP does it that cannot be justified and because AAP does it that cannot be condoned. however ,unfortunately, most of the character in Indian Maoist context are frozen in ideological identity and caught in their justification cages and therefore are hard nuts to crack and better to avoid than try to get media publicity and brownie points especially in a country of such enormous population with many well qualified citizens on the positive spectrum who have  socially at least so far never engaged any destructive activities in the country especially against the state like good doctors, great artists, great sports persons, great teachers, professors, engineers, lawyers, research scholars, academicians, political analysts, bureaucrats, military personnel, judges, police personnel, detective agents, successful businessmen ,honest journalists, successful traders  etc each with a great deal of experience in their respective fields and eagerly awaiting for an opportunity to be part of team India to contribute to Indian society .

Things vary from society to society and if we set bad trends in due course that can become order of the day and ultimately society will be in chaos, as it happened in NEW CALEDONIA, a small island near Australia with a very thin population of very fat people which continues to be a French colony participating in French elections. there some 8 decades ago the top French officials and businessmen who came to enjoy vacation to de- stress started asking for prostitutes to the tourist guides the moment they landed and gradually the tourist guides started noticing that prostitutes were becoming so rich that every tourist guide made his wife and daughters to get in to that trade for becoming rich so much so that the tourist guides now stand with their wives and daughters at the outer gate of airports, all the ports etc.

Mass mania, especially the ones which emanate either from passion whipping ideological fixations or fixed faiths or survival enhancing activities or socially  glamorous populism pandering activities or media propelling and projecting activities can lead to filthy clamor for filthier publicity as it is already happening in this country creating unarmed victims in the process as in the case of merit sabotaging policies, minority appeasement races in the name of secularism , which actually reduce minorities into dependent human beings on political party promises [ as if they cannot live decently on their own], freebies distribution which pampers society without any contribution etc.

In this context yesterday most popular newspapers had interviews and write ups about women achievers from films world, fashion designers etc not women teachers, women mothers, women sisters, women grand mothers, women doctors, women writers, women lawyers, women sports persons, women wives of popular personalities who manage everything at home, women musicians, business women, women traders,  women artists, women financial consultants, women industrialists, women educationalists [not the ones again with film connection] , women achievers in many other walks of life [ non governmental ] because the media is conditioned and condemned to look out for successful women  only in certain areas to the sad omission of more noble and meritorious domains of life wherein they have contributed.

Making more and more Maoist as popular candidates is like making only those students of the class who are sitting in last benches, trouble causing, not willing to learn, not participating in any cultural activity nor any sports as school people leaders or made to represent the school in all inter school cultural and academic activities, or making disobedient and dismissed army personnel to be defense minister. Are we okay with these, and then we can also welcome more and more Maoist as our political candidates to be inducted as MPs later on. Then why not terrorists, other criminals, let us get into the frenzy of pushing aside all the millions of sane and hard working normal as well as extraordinarily brilliant citizens. If they are lucky let them migrate and become big doctors, big entrepreneurs, big corporate executives, and big scientists abroad. Those who are not lucky remain frustrated as castrated bulls meekly watching everyone walkover. It is high time at least some sane newspapers wrote about these.

Let the Maoist, Naxalite supporters, their band of journalist etc spend some time in sane activities which will make them enter into the league of normal society and then they can even become governors but not this trend of making every anti national into a hero. This definitely must be the socio-psychological screwing by some foreign powers inimical to the nation’s development and growth. Let us not fall a pray to these.

While we debate on serious and patriotic bureaucrats, judges, Military personnel from joining the political parties immediately after retirement or resignation with opinions spilled all over saying that they must necessarily undergo a lay off period of one or two years before joining a political party we are very generously and gracefully willing to induct as candidates AAP, I am sorry ASAP, hardcore Naxalites, Maoists, Seditionists and their active supporters.

Unfortunately, unintentionally, unconsciously we may all end up extolling the wrong things. Both our individual self and social self are to a large extent shaped by how we relate with our circumstances and how our contexts relate with us.
Cognitive neuroscientist Bruce Hood's exploration of the building blocks of what we experience as the “self” in "The Self Illusion: How the Social Brain Creates Identity'

Amazon review of the book runs  excellently as , "Most of us believe that we are unique and coherent individuals, but are we? The idea of a "self" has existed ever since humans began to live in groups and become sociable. Those who embrace the self as an individual in the West, or a member of the group in the East, feel fulfilled and purposeful. This experience seems incredibly real but a wealth of recent scientific evidence reveals that this notion of the independent, coherent self is an illusion - it is not what it seems. Reality as we perceive it is not something that objectively exists, but something that our brains construct from moment to moment, interpreting, summarizing, and substituting information along the way. Like a science fiction movie, we are living in a matrix that is our mind.

In The Self Illusion, Dr. Bruce Hood reveals how the self emerges during childhood and how the architecture of the developing brain enables us to become social animals dependent on each other. He explains that self is the product of our relationships and interactions with others, and it exists only in our brains. The author argues, however, that though the self is an illusion, it is one that humans cannot live without.
But things are changing as our technology develops and shapes society. The social bonds and relationships that used to take time and effort to form are now undergoing a revolution as we start to put our self online. Social networking activities such as blogging, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter threaten to change the way we behave. Social networking is fast becoming socialization on steroids. The speed and ease at which we can form alliances and relationships is outstripping the same selection processes that shaped our self prior to the internet era. This book ventures into unchartered territory to explain how the idea of the self will never be the same again in the online social world." 

The author does all these while analyzing the biography of the most paradoxical character .Howard Hughes, at once a legendary aviator, movie mogul, tycoon, and socialite, and a reclusive billionaire housebound by his deathly phobia of dirt. He was a fearless aviation pioneer who set and broke countless records, yet he remained terrified of dying from germs. Hughes spent his final days unbathed, dressed in rags, with long sticky hair, curling nails, and the remnants of five hypodermic needles in his arms. He was worth $2 billion!!

Reality is neither any axiomatic certainty nor is it a frozen faith to be scrupulously followed by blinkered believes operating within fixed fences or identity cages but it is mostly contextually shaped by relationships and how we relate to others and things and environment etc . No human being can be know all or omniscient personality to dictate anything to the rest but we all need to respect certain time cherished and time tested values for the good of everyone.

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