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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What are relationships all about ?

What are the natural attributes of good relationship? What are the culturally/regionally injected/expected ingredients of a relationship? What are the petty generalizations within which most of the intellectual elites liberally like to confine and define relationships as if it is merely a social issue? And so on.

Aren’t most relationships, especially, conjugal ones, more to do with primarily addressing and satisfying purely personal issues connected with one’s body, mind and spirit?

But in the process we end up mixing so many factors while what really matters in any relationship is the personal rapport, it could range from specific task/expectation fulfilling deal or sublime and unqualified love or logically indefinable devotion etc.

Here I am giving links to some of my old write ups some talk about relationship in general; some the much maligned status of women in family and social relationship; some reflect my very personal emotional relationship wherein I find ways to justify all types of behavior and one important tool which intrudes to define many relationships, namely Morality etc.

Read all of these when you have time and respond


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