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Saturday, November 23, 2013

cannibals having an urge to have oral sex

Two cannibals having an urge to have oral sex

What went wrong with ANNA movement?

The AAP is a frustrated bunch , very justifiably frustrated bunch, who started venting their anger through a movement which started off sincerely addressing some issues affecting a major section of the population [who or what it is I will come to later on]. What went wrong along the path was impatience and impotent anger of this group that their genuine cries and concerns were used by TV stations as a new show and totally ignored by the ruling class and then gradually due to various reasons the media became indifferent.

It was during these testing times for these bunches of frustrated , educated, salaried, tax paying  middle class that  some hidden vultures both within this group and funded and fueled from outside started enveloping them in their[ vultures] ideological cabins, an ideology which can be an equivalent of fossil genetics in social systems, called Indian brand of Marxist Leninist Left.

This confused, silenced and sidelined the serious followers of the movement and instead slowly became a small group with smaller outlook which tried every wrong trick first from insulating from anything and everything political and after realizing that the TV channels had their commitments with IPL, Cine Stars, the pay masters from the Ruling class etc felt that they were left lonely in putrefied ideology and petrified reactions from public, it was then they ventured in a very puerile way into politics. Where even great sharks are finding life difficult and naturally when you put on the mask of politician you resort to the same gimmicks of other politicians, sometimes vying hard and end up totally disconnected from the group/class of followers who spent their valuable time, energy and their hard earned money to support your movement thinking you can effect some change.

It is very unfortunate that these followers, good Samaritans joined a new gang of ANNA and co impulsively without realizing that their woes cannot be addressed through mute revolutions and TV shows and getting emotionally charged up. They can be addressed only through proper governance paying attention to the overall economic development of the nation.

I empathize with this group of followers, who have been very often misled by the media, they are the triple EEEs, educated, employed and exchequer feeding [tax paying] middle class who are always sand witched between the very poor [ those who have an urge to satisfy their hunger] and the very rich [ who have the urge to satisfy their greed ] and what most governments do is to satisfy both these classes one for votes and the other for currency notes.

Make no mistake that now a situation has been created through uncontrolled and non governmental funding for parties [from the very rich ] and the necessity of parties to go on announcing freebies to obtain votes [from the very poor]and the scenario is like  two cannibals [very rich and very poor] having an urge to have oral sex and the triple EEEs[educated middle class] are caught in between.

Now that AAP is also only talking about satisfying those two cannibals just using different vocabulary. So, discern and decide for people with proven track record on overall economic development, and when there is real overall economic development then there is no need to use any oxymoron like inclusive growth.

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