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Friday, October 18, 2013


I have been writing similar stuff for the past almost two decades. 

But then social mores and traditions hardly change that easily, especially when it comes to matters concerning women and it is a global syndrome. It took a Nargis for the first time to ensure that even a woman’s name can be printed as heroine starring in movie posters. It has taken so many centuries for women in Ireland to get the right to abort just last year. I can go on quoting many more instances across the globe which will only increase the debates and dish out lot of verbal theories. 

What we need is initiatives first from women themselves to object to and avoid sponsoring such biased evaluations of women. Why should men first of all sit on judgment on women and pass dictates? Why have women never bothered to question this? Is there any species special status for males? And most importantly why should women bother about or seek certificates /permissions/licenses either from the society or males?

In all species, if we observe as a matter of evolutionary biology. Both the sexes not only copulate but also cooperate and do not think themselves as competitors. Each have certain roles, they may different but in no way superior or inferior or less important.

In a way if whole of humanity honestly evaluates, all human beings of both sexes had their initial boarding and lodging in a women’s womb before emerging as living creatures into the world.

This unique vital role of creation cannot be carried on by any male. So like this there are many vital roles every woman plays in her life.

All stupid Tamil serials and movies are obsessed with and portray certain predetermined, traditional roles for women but jump to justify modified continuation of such roles when it is beneficial to the male species. I do not want to get into the specifics of any of these.

Having said all these, unfortunately, in many cases, it is the women themselves who play the spoil sport to other women; probably it is because it is difficult to unwind several centuries of prescribed and piously followed behavioral patterns.
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We must all remember that life has no permanent taboos or trends.

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