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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sycophants and hockey sticks

Sycophants of Sonia out do a Mulla Nasrudin- a secular story

Sycophants and hockey sticks

The symbolic effect of hockey stick that can be turned on any angle ,any side to hit the ball and it also has an unfinished  U shape. This is what Ajay Makhan did on Ordinance as Kapil Sibal and PC did when they enacted the post independent India's Jalianwalla bhagh on Baba Ramdev and his disciples.
Whenever the sycophants of Sonia, like the parasites of Dictators, get into the business of covering up, telling lies etc to protect her and her family members to win brownie points and thereby expect favors in future and get some posts because after all she could induct anyone in any position, do whatever she wants and above all pay the media to project or ignore what she wishes to name a few of her powers.

So all these sycophants are engaged in a frenzied race to please the family stooping much lower and driveling more than what we can imagine the druids of sixteenth century would have done in front of Royalty.

But unfortunately most of these sycophants overdo without realizing that they are exposing themselves more and more like Mulla Nasrudin especially those who saw Zero loss in 2G to those who found Robert Vadra did everything legally as a private individual becoming a billionaire within 10 years from a road side Romeo in the process.

Why I refer them to Mulla Nasrudin. Once Mulla Nasrudin was getting ready to apply to a local department store for a job. A friend told him that it was the policy of the store to hire nobody but Catholic Christians, and that if he wanted a job there, he would have to lie about being a Catholic Christian. Nasrudin applied for the job and the personnel man asked him the usual questions. Then he said to the Mulla, "And what church do you belong to?" "I am a Catholic," said Nasrudin. "And all my family are Catholics. IN FACT, MY FATHER IS A PRIEST AND MY MOTHER IS A NUN, SIR."

Our bunch of sycophants would have gone  a few steps further and traced the proud lineage of ancestors for another seven generations and also vouched for the virginity of everyone of them and Karan Tappar would question grinding his teeth those who try to nail this lie, “ Well, what proof do you have to say that they are not number one seven generations of virgins, number two that they are not nuns. Since you cannot prove none of the above nor have been privy to nun, sorry none of the above, how can you question that?”and Arnab will have a debate for the first time in TOI the nation demands an answer from you sir , can you give the addresses of all the ancestors’ place of birth, well the exact address of place of birth of J.Nehru who was responsible for this dynasty or was he? is besides the topic of today’s discussion…
Please note that I am secular as I have used only the story of Mulla Nasrudin involving Catholic privilege and this story is not mine either.

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