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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Praising and being proud of motherhood is not just being sentimental it is a fact. It is a great honor, privilege and massive responsibility to be a mother . I am jealous about woman only with regard one thing and that is Motherhood . I wrote this in 1996 just some 7 or 8 months after my mother passed away and when I was given a small award by small group of women's magazine for the best article on womanhood there were at least 20+ men all top executives who cried at that event . Here is the article
All relationships acquire value by the utility, joy, meaning etc that are injected into the relationship but motherhood has immense value inherently even without any of those additional great attributes
I read a wonderful book some years back titled I think 'however big and great you may grow , you can never grow taller than your mother' Adi shankara and Ramana maharishi gave all their worldly attachments except their relationship to their mother.
After posting all the above in FB I moved to check my mails and the first mail in the Inbox was from Sanjeev Nayar

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