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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Media and its Future

Metamorphosis of Words and not media labels need definitions.

People think, act and have grown beyond Main Stream Media peddled labels.

Metamorphosis of Words and Expressions from denotation to connotations happens due to the exigencies of contextual relevance and not due to media calibrated labels.

Therefore, however well articulated or packed with hyper sensationalism, generating terminologies, assigning labels and defining them to suit predetermined ideologies to manipulate perceptions do not work anymore.

So, the Main Stream Media as a whole has to realize that its verbal diarrhea patients can no more play the role of the mass opinion molders.

Peddling lies to project presumed victim hood is no more their sole preserve because the leverage of technology has enabled people to see through the lies and reveal and communicate facts in real time in multiple ways.

Besides, there is an overall awareness and enhanced level of well informed or at least information loaded understating by many in most places.
So, it is no wonder that main stream media script has failed miserably of late in many places and on many issues.

Let us see the why the MSM scripts fail and how their failure is accelerated in general without any specific case study.

Though the case studies are obvious ‘Mokita’[  in Kirinina language of New Guinea] meaning-Truth that everybody knows but nobody speaks.

The following are mostly the reasons why their [MSM] scripts fail.

All old stereotyped tricks like concocting logical fallacies and creating new connotations to very appealing terms and many other trivialities enlisted below do not work anymore.

Media orchestrated rendering of sound bites of the same old lyrics of left liberalistic themes of generating fear psychosis and projecting victimhood;
Followed by appropriating credits points and assigning acrimonious labels ad nauseam;

Desperately and deliberately choosing impressionable but ill informed youth to play on their vulnerabilities and trying to manipulate them as guinea pigs for left liberal brain washing techniques.

MSM must learn not to distort or concoct news and facts to please their pay masters, more so , not over do it, nor try  secreting some ideologies and ideas which they think, for whatever good or bad reason, is the only  panacea and take a holier than thou position.

These are the many ways in which their [MSM’s] failure is accelerated?
All over the world the Main Stream Media [MSM] must start accepting facts, realities, and problems at present as they exist and if capable seek help of sincere experts to offer probable solutions rationally, scientifically taking into consideration the socio-cultural sensitivities of human beings everywhere.

Most importantly evaluate issues and individuals with contextual relevance.

Similar or worse still, the same script may not work in all nations or against all leaders.

If they don’t do it then the social media, which MSM derogatively calls as 24/7 echo chambers, will take over that role.

Unlike media houses where one can play with money, popularly known as paid media, it becomes too difficult to fund social media or script exclusively some pet ideological version to prevail everywhere.

Social media has its own share of frenzied followers and fanatic endorsement of certain ideas.

However, by its sheer number of users, values of multiple views, real freedom [with certain exceptions] and wide geographical spread with advanced camera hidden everywhere and handsets capable of carrying and transferring multiple mode of communication facts become known, good works get noticed, hidden agenda get exposed and bad intentions get scrutinized.

Having said all these your article forces me to revisit the links that I have penned down previously.

Definitions are indeed important? But how and why you define is equally important.

Words have their own life and evolution which may not give room to manipulations and mutilations beyond a limit.

Media must refrain from too much of distortions

It is no wonder that the whole world abhors the media labels

So, the future of media’s dignified life rests on self imposed media integrity which includes among many other things its dispassionate presentation of facts as they are; compassionate and rational interpretations of issues with contextual relevance rather than ideological identity driven ones; passionate expressions by all with complete freedom and total intensity and intense totality entertaining  multiple views, situations and ideas and ultimately create a synergy of all these passion, dispassion and compassion leading to a conducive atmosphere where rationally accepted peace, tolerance, unity and harmony can prevail.

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