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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Life of Meaningful Happiness

Life impregnated with meaning and imbued with happiness

I liked the article especially its contents predominantly discussing about meaning of life and the role of happiness.

It had lot of references to parenting, the emotions and difficulties involved along with how different reactions are manifested based on various perspectives and attitudes.

The trade off must be the ultimate wisdom that emanates from all and enables individual, society, humanity to lead a smooth life and ensures a safe environment.

Most of these are based on realization of reality and how we evaluate anything and everything based on the contextual relevance.

As I perceive it there are ten major aspects around which this article is woven and all these ten aspects have always caught my attention and therefore I have written lengthy articles on all these. Those who have time may go through the links and the sub links therein and are welcome to make your comments on the content.

1. Meaning of life

2. Happiness

3. Parenting
4. Wisdom that emanates must ensure humanitarianism and compassion at present and concern for posterity as well
5. Perspective

6. Attitude
7. Emotions

8. Realization of reality

9. Polarity principle pervades and not paradoxes

10. Abstractness of thoughts 

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