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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Peace through religious harmony

1. Every person irrespective of whatever he is capable of [talented,intelligent or idiotic] and however he looks [beautiful or ugly] must have self respect , love himself and be proud of himself by trying to understand himself and then effect the necessary changes whenever and wherever necessary for the perceived betterment.
2. Every person must accept and tolerate the persons he is closely related with either out of his own choice like friends, spouse etc or those thrust upon by fate like parents, brothers, children, neighbours, colleagues [this list is bigger] etc
3. Every person must be proud of the land where he is born or lives i.e the country where he is born, try to understand or at least tolerate the culture or certain aspects of culture of which one can be proud of .
4. This speech in very simple terms encapsulates all these. Wonderful speech listen carefully and completely to get a clarity, perception from different perspective to understand about what is Indianness and to talk in future in any forum .
In this Daksh PowerTalk, Shri S.Gurumurthy spoke on achieving Peace Through Religious
In a thorough and detailed manner, he traced the past of religious conflicts.
This was the second of the PowerTalks for Daksh Octa, 2014.
This PowerTalk took place at Chanakya Vihar auditorium on February 21st, 2014.

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