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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nationalism-be proud do not hide

I wish you take time and listen to these youtubes by one gentle man given below. I wish you better know in real terms what you mean by a very proud and hurried statement you seem to make like our politicians and Governors in this meaningless sentence. 'India is not really a country; it is a shared identity, a common consciousness of a billion people coexisting in a beautiful space." but also remember in a fit of over philosophizing we cannot live in 'vacuous inanity' as Rabindranath Tagore used to say . Here can you define what is a 'country' ? what you mean by 'shared identity'? who are the people 'sharing' it? and what is that 'identity'? can we drive away all those who do not share that particular identity whatever it is that you talk of? what is 'common'? what is consciousness'? what is 'common consciousness'? I have come across writers using terms like 'collective consciousness'? Ultimately you end the sentence 'in a beautiful space' did you mean place? because geographically a country can draw a boundary to a specific place and not space. If you really mean space please indicate the sphere geologically and till what height from the ground? because ordinary mortals like me who read are rooted to the earth called 'Bharatha Bhumi'.

If you wish to continue to write in English please polish your semantics through a list of books? If you are keen on being sarcastic about everything that nationalists do or say , then brush up your knowledge of what is meant by the word nation and what Indian nationalists have done over the centuries, fortunately they did not have the luxury of sitting idly in an air-conditioned room with google search engine and churn out some verbal diarrhea in some platform and make a living out of it by pretending to be a know all and judge all masters.

"Foundations of Indian Culture" by Polymath Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh.
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Series of 6 lectures on "Foundations of Indian Culture" by Polymath Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh.
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also read this whole stuff with all the links therein fully,listen to all the links , it would be better to learn before sitting on judgments and voice your generous opinions

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