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Monday, May 5, 2014

Indian TV serials

Unless and until TV programs go besides and beyond the sick Indian film world, its themes and its sick personalities it can never become better or different from the same rotten stuff. Can we ever expect healthy and humorous content in our TV shows. We are a nation of narrow minded hypocrites without any sense of humour and utter lack of willingness to even experiment different ideas leave alone original ideas. There are very few minutes of sane good program or discussions in our television programs on the whole, in fact if we make a survey statistically it would be less than 1% of total TV time of all programs of all channels put together. Why can't we ever produce a single serial, in any of the Indian languages or in English, of the standard of 1. Yes Minister 2. Yes prime minister 3. Lie to Me 4. Friends 5.Gray's anatomy 6. House 7. Big bang theory etc While our censor board has no objection to showing any form or intensity of violence or criminal activities on screen both small and big it becomes highly hypocritical when it comes to portrayal of normal sexual attractions and activities. So the entire team of producers, players, viewers, censor boards all are a bunch of perverted and parochial brained petty fellows with putrefied tastes and tendencies.

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