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Monday, May 26, 2014


My comments:-

People who suffer from pseudo intellect, permanent inferiority complex coupled with a mighty inflated ego and constantly subjected to some parochial indoctrination by the sick left leaning presumed victim hood promoting sociological ideology etc push these puerile creatures to portray such putrefying features that depict anti Brahmin literature or for that matter any negative and sectarian analysis of any segment.

All communities have contributed many positive traits and thoughts for the progress of humanity and are part of the overall scheme of human life, if that is not the case then that class or community would have become extinct by now. There is tribe/breed of people who live by maligning and magnifying classification and categorization, meant for easy identification of nature’s variety  based on certain characteristics, into grand differences to ignite sensationalism and by doing that get a notorious recognition for their own petty egos.

Having said all these, I also feel, every community must evolve and get engaged to emancipate and to enhance its relevance more virulent through activities which will show its strength of adaptability and ability to excel in the present context or age also, either with or without giving up its traditional life styles [either inherently meaningful or not which is purely relative aspect and a highly debatable one].

Doing this is the hall mark of intelligent survival and in this aspect like the Jews the Brahmins have excelled much to the consternation of everyone else through expanding their tentacles in every corner of the world showing that inherently greater life based on certain value systems, intelligent perception of reality etc cannot be curtailed by barriers or boundaries of culture, tradition, nation etc; they are able to transcend beyond taboos and traditions; they travel amid any and many trends and travails by using  their own positive value systems to enhance and excel even in environs  which are totally contrary to its past , traditional and more accustomed life styles. So no wonder the Brahmins have always excelled anywhere in any field or many fields, in any country and many countries, doing many things or anything that would be a taboo to all classical definitions of Brahminism.
Most importantly they have achieved all these without being beneficiaries of entitlements, quotas, reservations or any other special benefits. If Marwaris, Chettiayars, Nnadars and Jains  predominantly do it with their contribution in business; if  Sardars do it predominantly by hard work in any field, Brahmins have done it predominantly by their intellect. These are general observations and do not mean all Marwaris, all Jains and all Brahmins fall within this classification without exception and this also does not imply that people belonging to other communities do not do these things.

Observations are made based on certain predominant features rather than prejudiced opinions or  pushing aside facts.

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