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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Message of Higher Consciousness

A Message of Higher Consciousness
By Dr. Wayne Dyer
The message I have is one of higher consciousness. One of not just talking in superlatives about transformation, but trying to be as specific as I can about this whole idea that there is a higher place, and it's not just something that you have to think about, but something that you can attain in your life in a given moment.
What I want to share with you today is really about having a sense of being able to surrender and let go. To know that you're going to be guided and to "get off of the results," and be unconcerned about what's going to happen, and how well it's going to go, and whether people are going to like it. And instead, to shift your awareness to a sense of: "I'm going to go where I'm sent," and to have within you a deep abiding and passion and knowing that when it is time, you will not be able to resist. Whatever it is that you need on this path will be provided for you.
What I'm really talking about is getting to the place in your life when you can literally begin to manage your own emotions, and begin to determine for yourself what it is that you want to happen, and control all of the coincidences of your life. Literally control or manage these coincidences. These things that you think are showing up in your life through some kind of quirky stroke of fate, you begin to realize that you have within you this divine capacity to manage that.
In order to be able to get to that point there are five things that I think that you have to master in your life. I once thought that I had done all I had to do in this whole area of transformation and higher consciousness. But you soon learn that as long as you're on this path, your job isn't finished. Writing isn't something that I do any longer it's something that I am. And when it's time I just now listen, and go and trust.
Over the years, people have sent me hundreds and probably thousands of books and articles and letters and there was a time when I used to think that these were just more of those coincidences that just happen. But now I've come to this awareness that there are no accidents in this universe. None whatsoever. And anything that I receive from anyone out there is part of an energy system, and so I now take it very seriously whenever I receive anything.
I want to say that I don't consider myself a guru. I don't consider myself better than anyone on this planet. I'm a messenger. And all of the things that I'm writing about and talking about here today are things that I'm working on in my own life. And don't think for one moment that because I'm up here with the mic and you're not, that I know more than you do. This is just the way it turned out today, but it has nothing to do with any kind of superiority or special ness, because I know deep within me that none of us are special.
If anybody has to be special that means somebody isn't. And if somebody isn't, then they're not playing the spiritual game the way that I'm playing it. Because God doesn't play favorites. We are all one.

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