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Thursday, September 13, 2012

An ode to the corrupt journalists and news anchors in India

An ode to the corrupt journalists and news anchors in India

Congratulations to all you journalists
What a terrific bunch of Sophists
You are doing your job very well
Even if it means Anna fell
Brilliant strategy of helping INC target the poor man
Even though he simply tried to help India all that he can
You help protect the super corrupt congress
And do so by intelligent digress
The issue at hand is to stop corruption
What does it matter who is at what junction
We should have a strong law to fight this evil in congress' nature
Or there will be no future
Unlike the 1970's this congress party has brought the press over to its side
What a pity for now we can never turn the tide
The congress may be the most vile and corrupt party in India's history
But you my friends are no better than them, what's your story ? 

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