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Sunday, July 3, 2011


F our of our sense organs
A dorning our anatomy
C utely placed between the
E arlobes,
F ires freely
A ll sorts of emotions,
C ommunicates in many ways and
E xpresses our inner self.
F athom its
A ctual
C ommunications, there
E merges a whole lot of information.
F urrow beneath its
A natomy, its beauty is less in
C omplexion and more in
E xpression
A llow freely
T he face on
T op of your neck , the
I ndex of
T he mind to
U nleashe all
D eeply held , both dear and disgusting
E motions and express them.
A ttempt
T o
T ake the
I nner meanings of
T he
U ndeclared
D eeper
E xpressions from the face
Some interesting trivia about face many of which you won’t find on the net
1] Evidences of application of phrenological principles are found in EGYPT,BABYLONIA,INDIA,CHINA AND GREECE .In fact there was an expert called ZOPYRUS who examined the face of SOCRATES and stated that he had several vices. All those around SOCRATES mocked at ZOPYRUS but SOCRATES said he was right and that he had all the vices mentioned but overcame them through reason.
2] As per JEWISH kabbalists, secrets teachings were not imparted to those who did not have requisite facial features.
3] According to HRISHIKESH DUBEY the Vedic scholar in his very interesting book MYSTERIES OF VEDIC FACE READING, which I finished reading some months back, Vedic physiognomy lays down clear indication that the face brings out the nature, character, personality, intentions and the whole destiny of the person

4] In THE DYNASTY OF RAGHU by kalidasa he writes in Seventh canto. Aja's marriage.--While the suitors retire to the camps where they have left their retainers, Aja conducts Indumati into the decorated and festive city. The windows are filled with the faces of eager and excited women, who admire the beauty of the young prince and the wisdom of the princess's choice. When the marriage ceremony has been happily celebrated, the disappointed suitors say farewell with pleasant faces and jealous hearts, like peaceful pools concealing crocodiles. They lie in ambush on the road which he must take, and when he passes with his young bride, they fall upon him. Aja provides for the safety of Indumati, marshals his attendants, and greatly distinguishes himself in the battle which follows. Finally he uses the magic weapon, face.

5] Shakuntala is sitting right outside the house, sage Durvasa known for his anger comes visiting in the ashram. Lost in her thoughts, Shakuntala fails to acknowledge his presence. He gets infuriated and curses Shakuntala saying that the one whom she is thinking about will forget her face.
Some interesting quotes about and on face
3] Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.- Martin Buxbaum
4] A good face is the best letter of recommendation.- ELIZABETH I
- Elizabeth I
To get words to describe different types of faces

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