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Monday, December 13, 2010


Our brains and energy I have perceived have all along and continue to make significant and unassuming contribution, often unnoticed and unappreciated by the majority of those around. For me, personally and for whatever contribution my own life may have made or may still have to make what counts most are your enlightened views which have had their foundation only on intrinsic values of life than any other appealing emotionalism, or attractive intellectual argumentation or even the usual anodynes of materialism.

The inevitable terrific cosmic laws are that truth is not specific, life is not athanasic, scriptures are not authentic and even where authentic they need not necessarily be taken as authority, our atavistic senses are too static, survival is too hectic, our intelligence is too scientific, thus goes the unending asyndetic rhetoric.
Life is a pendulum of beauty in relativity, oscillating between utility and futility and in this constant activity it hardly knows where is reality, and what is reality; whether it is within the points of its oscillation or somewhere away from it or beyond the reach of its emotions and perceptions; thus man functions in total confusion with intervals of illusions, making in his stride complete contradictions, deft definitions, emotive expressions, intellectual and idealistic ‘isms’, petty resolutions and perilous revolutions.

So are we to take note of a particular thing or anything or everything or nothing. The basic thing is each and everything has its own value, importance, utility, nature, beauty etc. Therefore we cannot deny or defy or denounce the importance any aspect of anything outright, nor is it possible to accept everything, protect everything or even perceive everything.

It is these reasons that force us to make a choice. So that at least within a limited circle we can lead a life with comfort. But how are we to make a choice? Based on what? Whenever we make any choice, it involves our mind and conscious perception which are basically conditioned by various influences and impressions. Ultimately every so-called choice we make is nothing but our registered response to receive one or a few among the many and various possibilities. Every new choice is either born out of imaginary expectations or is a mere confirmation of our collective, accumulated prejudices and limited perceptions. Every new choice is an extension of our prejudices or adscititious manifestation of our prejudices and the limitation of our perception.

Consciously or sub-consciously or unconsciously we develop an in-built filtering system. Whether we filter the filth and consume what is of worth or is it vice versa cannot be easily universally defined because it is again judged by our limited perception.

So ultimately what is right or wrong? of what use are the instructions of do’s and don'ts/ how to determine all these things and with what yard stick to evaluate all these rights and wrongs, scientifically, psychologically, philosophically or based on economic theories ?

 No, not any of these, for, all that each category of evaluation can offer can at best be fragmentary evaluation of something as varied and as excellent as human life. So for a wholesome and handsome evaluation we need unqualified love which must be manifested with total intensity and intense totality born out of unbiased compassion for everyone and everything.

On choice recently there was an excellent you tube video in from Sheena S.Iyengar, a must watch for everyone. Her details are
Sheena S. Iyengar
S.T. Lee Professor of Business
Columbia Business School
Management Division
Uris Hall 714
3022 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
Office Phone: (212) 854-8308

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