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Monday, December 13, 2010


Attitude is not a subject matter it is a subjective matter, the secret power working twenty-four hours a day. If you can synergize your head and heart properly with the understanding of the divine life force you have an attitude. And like your heartbeat and brain cells it also works 24 hours a day throughout your life. Physically mal-functioning and poor maintenance of heart and head can determine the length of your life. Similarly your attitude determines the length of your relationship in society, in the family, with your own inner self and ultimately with the universal divine life force. They may either influence behaviors or be influenced by behaviors. In short it is an encapsulated presentation or representation of the whole gamut of ourselves [our thoughts, our beliefs, our value systems, our culture, our ethics, our morals, our actions, our reactions, our conditionings, our social milieu, our gender, our religious upbringing, our education, the instructions we have accumulated, the persuasions we have undergone etc] to the outer world. Attitude maintenance, therefore, requires embedding certain traits and ejecting certain others. So there can be no templates but only tailor made adjustments and indications to go about them. Neither are these meant to guide you to any sort of attitude formation tutorial. Being a subjective matter it always is a voyage in experimentation, experience, enjoyment expecting very optimistically whether it could lead to enhancement of our relationships and enlighten our perception. In the voyage I have realized one fact that Attitude cannot be confined to or evaluated by any specific category as Psychogenic factors, bio psychosocial factors etc it is a matter of multi-dimensional manifestations involving various aspects of life.
Multi-levels and variety are the inevitable aspects of everything connected with life be it aesthetics, arts, attitudes, sensory perception etc

The rainbow is a profoundly hopeful symbol, which separates the white light of appearances into its multiple spectrums, revealing a hidden dimension!


1] Let us remember that everything that happens to us and everyone that we have a relationship with are the work of a divine life force, as our life itself is a gift of this divine life force.
This life force manifests in everyone in a unique way and it is evident in all your actions.
Let us face everything and everyone without any prejudice and precondition because all are made of this life force.
Variety is not just the spice of life it is the undeniable fact of life and the vindication of the various manifestations of the One Life Force.
Trying to homogenize the various manifestations of life force is therefore acting against the basic fact of life.
No single Ism or Ideology, however great and good it may be, even if it is time tested, can be, therefore, considered as a perfect model for human race as a whole or a panacea for all human ills.
For the convenience of collective survival we can adopt some common practices under certain conditions but it is foolish to try them out in all situations.
Evaluation of anything must be done only through the feeling of the life force that is at the core of the thing.
To understand this life force there is no need for any specific technique. It has no specific label or form as everything is formed out of it.
Life force of anything can be understood once we get into any matter with passion. Then, peruse and perceive it with total intensity and intense totality.
It is a sort of unqualified and unprejudiced attentive in depth observation. When we do this, we develop a relationship with the life force that goes on to make the thing or person.
When we are in relationship we feel with all the senses and therefore we understand.
There is no need to dissect anything into pieces, no need to develop jargons, no need to have lengthy discussions as to whether micro or macro analysis is suitable to understand.
This element called the life force is what makes anything pleasant and workable.
The more we develop a relationship with the life force of anything, anyone or any situation the better we can understand.
Our entire biological frame, the human anatomy with all the software and hardware that makes us as functional living creatures was packed into a very tiny egg only by this life force [proof that Nano technology of the highest order has been there always. Only thing is, we have recently been trying it out with a new label called Nano technology]. It grows and survives only because of this life force and finally at an appropriate time when the hardware weakens and the software mal functions the life force moves to another form or frame.
When we grasp this life force of anything it unravels the hidden mysteries and marvels of that thing. Almost all discoveries are made this way. That’s why most discoveries are made by simple folks who have not made great academic achievements or by great scholars accidentally when they took their mind away from the scholarly pursuits and instead looked into life in a relaxed manner.
There are many undiscovered mysteries waiting to unravel provided we bother to study by getting to feel the life force of the matter [for example water ‘WATER IS NOT JUST MADE OF H2O IT HAS AN UNEXPLORED THIRD ELEMENT IF IT WERE MADE OF JUST TWO ATOMS OF HYDROGEN AND ONE ATOM OF OXYGEN THEN WE COULD EASILY PRODUCE WATER UNDER SPECIFIC TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE -] …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..] or life force of certain persons [ how sometimes very ordinary individuals achieve extraordinary things all of a sudden]. It may not be achieved merely by the information packed academic exercises or research alone but along with it developing a unqualified relationship without inhibition with the subject of study. I mean a sort of real intense love affair with the subject of study.
Every stride that scientific discovery has made has been the revelation of this life force.
Every natural splendor, every natural phenomenon, every living organism is in essence made of this life force.
A beautiful rose made of plastic or paper may be so attractive that it may rival its original one in color and texture but it cannot have the fragrance of the original one. A perfume of rose essence may smell better than the original rose but it cannot carry the original color of the rose nor the honey to attract the butterflies nor can it entertain the dew drops. Whereas, it is this life force that is packed in a original rose flower proudly seated on a rose plant as its color, its fragrance, its shape, as the sweetness in its honey, as the soft petals amid a multitude of stiff thorns, as the cushion to his ancestors the dew drops, oh what a marvelous mechanism that brings out the colorful rose.
Whatever may be the advancement of science, however well it may reproduce several things artificially; it can never inject the life force into anything.
This divine life force is also manifest in several things in varying degrees of intensity and when its intensity gets reduced it is a form of decay.
In babies it is very intense, in children little less, and as we grow and accumulate many thoughts and things that pollute it, its intensity gets reduced.
Once we accept this template, rather the basic template of divine life force and learn its features we can make wonders.
All best forms of arts, great pieces of literature, important works of sciences have used this template.
Let us study the various features of this template and how best we can make use of it.
The human body is an energy system involved in a process of perpetual self –construction and self –destruction and this energy system itself is just a part of that Divine life force. All are part of this Divine life force and this Divine life force is part of everything. So let us try to
Approach it to appreciate, adopt, assimilate, accommodate or at least to adjust and not analyze and judge,
Befriend it being made of the same source,
Care to connect and stay connected with it with conviction,
Deal with it dearly to develop mutually,
Empathize and encourage it,
Fulfill its needs,
Gear up to give into it and take from it,
Help and highlight the need of its help,
Intermingle with all its manifestations to initiate intelligent interactions,
Join with it jovially,
Keep up kindly to its expectations,
Link with it loyally and lovingly and love and live aware its link,
Make meaningful moves to meet its needs,
Nullify narrow and negative notions near it,
Offer to cooperate with it in all good opportunities,
Participate proactively with it to promote progress and peace,
Quit all quarrels of questionable identities of isolation,
Reach out with it to remind the roots to everyone,
Savor its presence -the space between words and the silence between sounds,
Take a trip to its source and become more resourceful,
Understand the ubiquitous unity of this life force,
Value its intrinsic aspects,
With it work for a worthy world of wisdom,
X-ray into our inner self with it to get enlightened,
Yoke the light weighted heart with its help, then
Zoom into zealous raptures with it and because of it.
Attitudes are formed as a result of this ongoing process of evaluations. We all constantly evaluate everything, everyone and various aspects of our environment. So to ensure correct attitude we must analyze what are the tools with which/basis on which we evaluate? The methods we adopt to evaluate? And how we evaluate? All these, in turn, will determine to a great extent our attitude in most of the cases.
This will also give us an idea whether our attitude influences our behavior or our behavior influences our attitude.
Evaluate the purpose of life by the amount of happiness you have given to others.
Evaluate the value of life by the extent you have been useful to others.
Evaluate the meaning of life by the love you give to others.
Evaluate the destiny of life by the amount of love you get from others.
Evaluate the quality of your life by your attitudes.
Evaluate the wisdom of your life by the experience you have gained and the lessons you have learnt and the knowledge you have acquired from your experiments and actions.
Evaluate the worthiness of your life by the amount of or extent of realizations you have had.
Evaluate the totality of life not by owning anything or even trying to own life itself but by living life.
But the best way to evaluate life is to live it.
And you live based on what you have and who you are.
Even if you are schooled in irrelevant, inadequate, out dated, useless, erroneous trivia at least do not base your belief systems or thoughts on them because
Your thoughts and beliefs decide your life irrespective of whether you are prosperous, peaceful and happy or the other way.
Because they help you to make the choice and the choices you make decide who you are and what you do depends on who you are and ultimately what you do gets you whatever you have.
But unfortunately we tend to think the process topsy-turvy. We want to have whatever we want and think that it will make us and shape us.

Be on your own don’t choose for others nor let others choose for you. so have your own set of resolutions to make and break.

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