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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gubernatorial Waste

Gubernatorial Waste

The dangers of carrying on with copied versions, I mean the Westminster model, far removed from reality is a great danger to the society. It has produced only bureaucratic blocks without good administration, political power brokers instead of leaders, vote capturing populist pranks instead of economic and developmental programs and above all it has created the sickening quasi royal figureheads in the states called governors who are kept afloat along with their entire entourage at enormous cost to the exchequer. These figureheads are kept aloof by protocol , installed by political manipulators and treated like animated icons and above all they enjoy a dangerously unreasonable and unknowable power because it is:- a] without responsibility and accountability; b] they need to give their final assent to many vital and crucial activities; c] they need not participate in the quinquennial jubilee; d]above all they enjoy legal immunity e] tax payers money is squandered for their pageant and pomp; F] these supposedly neutered monarchs walk scot free with their unquestioned extra constitutional authority and unfortunately no intellect or politician has the gall to question this waste of exchequers money

We must know one thing that history has never forgiven any race or nation that has refused to make the decisive break or effect the necessary change. Unfortunately, now it is least possible to expect any change from the present cabinet as even the PRIME MINISTER is inducted and not elected. All the right thinking people must unite and start the process to do away with this enormous waste.we need to develop a more liberal outlook, by liberal outlook I do not mean activities that please the media opinions or that seeks an approval from US , unfortunately these two factors seem to decide even many of our policy decisions. I mean by liberal outlook what Bertrand Russel wrote " The essence of liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held,but in how they are held;instead of being held dogmatically they are held tentatively and with a conscience that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment" Are we liberal in this sense.


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