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Thursday, October 14, 2010


All of you see without fail the program from 10 p.m to 11 pm in star world titled LIE TO ME it started from 12th Oct Really very good and useful and it must be applied to all the media persons especially anchors in NDTV,TIMES NOW,NEWS TODAY,CNN-IBN they propagate their personal prejudices as mass opinion or morally correct stand sometime still sickening they act on behalf of some vested interest lobby,governors like bharadwaj and many of our politicians then you will know the truth. It provides an excellent audio visual presentation of what Desmond Morris wrote in his books Man Watching ,Human Watching etc and what I remember reading in some oriental books on phrenology and momentary chamudrika lakshnam [ there are two kinds of chamudrika lakshnams- permanent and momentary ] On the whole really excellent program,do not miss it. My daughter literally forced me to watch it and I found it to be very useful. My only regret is why not this scientific method is applied to nail the lies of all politicians, preachers and priests of organised religions so that human beings can save lot of money and time.

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