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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Personality Development


Personal responsibility is the basis of personality development.

It is egocentric to presume heredity to be a contributory factor for personality development.

It is ethnocentric to presume a specific environment to be a contributory factor for personality development.

It is eccentric to presume chance or luck to be a contributory factor for personality development.

It is not a trick that one can learn in a conference or by maintaining indifference.

In short it is not merely extrinsic but also intrinsic. It is an appropriate mix of both. Therefore anyone interested in personality development must give up all sorts of excuses, non-committal cautiousness and escapism and instead first start looking at oneself and also look externally and design the necessary steps that build the staircase leading to development. Personality development like all other developments, in general, is also a step by step process, there could be exceptions.

Like all steps that go on to build a stair case, these steps also involve two essential elements, namely, the horizontal and vertical planes.

Like life itself, which functions predominantly through the horizontal and vertical planes of fate and freewill, personality development too, depending on the arena of operation or function, depends on various factors. For example a great ability could be a factor which can be like the horizontal plane but it must be combined with utility, another factor, which is like the vertical plane of a step. Find at the end a free verse of A to Z of most important factors which form part of the different planes [i.e. horizontal and vertical] of the steps that lead to personality development.

Once we are aware and choose the correct factors for the two planes we must consciously connect them with a sense of purpose.

It is wrong to presume that personality development is a subject confined to social life, corporate world, professional career etc. It is an inevitable part and constant companion of life. Be it when you are alone in solitude, enjoying or engaging your time with family and friends or living in a monastery.

So, personality development, be it in social life or spiritual life is a matter of inner perception as Albert Camus, the great French writer once said, “ An intelligent man watches himself”. Personality development is personal responsibility, a feeling of responsibility to be honest and trustworthy to oneself and towards others, or at least, feeling responsible to become honest and trustworthy.

Personality is not only meant to be built but it is also be in-built; if it is merely built then it would stop at a point and remain static like a building.

Personality is a constant process of becoming and being. Who you are, is determined by what you are becoming and what you become is determined by what you are now, a sort of obverse.

So personality is both being and becoming honest and responsible. This is possible only when there is an inextricable bond of well-patterned thoughts and feelings with concomitant ideas and actions based on lasting values and valuable purposes.

When this sort of unifying, well-organized pattern of thoughts and feelings do not exist, then there is every possibility of becoming a split personality. We do come across many who have such good behavior and who are so well mannered in society but are highly irritable and unbearable characters at home in their personal life or vice versa. In short the best personality is the product of serious perception of the inner self and the inner perception of life’s seriousness.

Where this inner perception does not exist, then, there are bound to be conflicts between the actual self and the many desired for and dreamed of selves. When one honestly encounters and deals properly with one’s inner self with all its emotional urges and intellectual desires one can really develop one’s personality. Ultimately personality development depends on how one perceives one’s inner self and how one uses one’s urges.

It is evident that every inherent attribute and emotional urge manifests itself in myriads of ways depending upon the individual’s inner self and attitude. For example, curiosity can bring out an eavesdropper or a scandal monger or a clandestine voyeur or a gossip giant or a prying bore or an irresistible thief, a research scholar, scientific inventor or a space explorer or a spiritually enlightened person or a social inventor etc; So, the emotional urge of curiosity produces both adorable and deplorable personalities depending upon the personal responsibility and perception of the individual. No one can escape it.

So never try to evade anything, feel responsible, encounter and by the way you deal, emerge enlightened.

Personality development is nothing but personal responsibility. Without personal responsibility even abnormal ability delivers only subnormal utility.

Here is a graphic alphabetic presentation of factors that make up the horizontal and vertical planes of  the steps of  Personality development pictorially represented as steps in 'L' shape. 

Personality development is about:-

Adding appropriate and adequate utility to abilities and attributes;

Bringing together brilliance and best attitudes;

Creating clarity and connect contextually with confidence and conviction;

Dedicating with dexterity and deadline;

Enjoying everything and encouraging everyone;

Focusing and fine tuning to fit into scheme of things;

Generating goals and go all out to give growth;

Helping with humility and heightening hopes;

Involving in tune with inter-relatedness of intrinsic aspects;

Joining in any journey of life with justifiable contributions;

Keeping keenness in work and kindness in relationship as the key;

Learning constantly, listening and leveraging on latest advancements;

Making meaningful marches ahead, mindful of matters that matter most;

Nudging nicely into new areas without neglecting the necessities;

Outshining by operating through optimizing opportunities;

Prioritizing performance and empowerment with all around peace;

Quenching the thirst for quality, quantity and quaestuary [1] quests;

Reviewing and reflecting on relevance of actions and reactions;

Searching sensibly and seriously to surge ahead;

Thinking and tackling everything and everyone with talent and tact;

Understanding and unraveling the unity among all;

Vindicating value of life by living with actions enhancing humane values;

Working towards making the world wise, wealthy and wonderful;

X-raying into others needs and feelings with compassion;

Yoking both the survival and living aspects of life;

Zooming in and zeroing in on both, at appropriate moments, with zeal.

Quaestuary=money-making, money-seeking


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