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Saturday, March 14, 2009

content for sms

Dear Sir,
I have very excellent thematic short and sweet content messages which can be used as SMS messages. These are didactic and carrying some moral messages in a very novel, educative and motivating manner. These can be used on a daily basis as mobile messages which will subconsciously seep into and stimulate good, positive character in today's youth. If you feel that this can be promoted as part of service by our company I think it would be great.

I am attaching a small sample titled ANGER. This small message unfolds the different acronyms of anger if you notice the first letter of every word.

Then it is followed by ATTITUDE towards anger, again it is an acronym of attitude. Like this I have written on thousands of topics with what attitude we must adopt for example towards FAMILY, RELATIONSHIP, LOVE ETC

Even some weird words and concepts are included as this is also a good way to remember the spelling as well as what is the meaning of any word [I mean what it denotes] and its various commonly understood connotations as well.

Not only these I also have lots of excellent greeting messages totally original new for all occasions.
Thanks and Regards
+91 9841723932
Notez svp: Je peux également faire une telle chose en Français aussi.
Please note:I can do similar one in French too.


A wkward
N asty
G affe,
E motion
R attling everyone

A drenal generated
N egative
G ush of
E motion
R unning riot

A ny
N asty
G awky
E xtreme
R eaction

A nger
T akes its
T oll
I n
T iring,
U psetting and
D istancing
E veryone

A dequately
T ry
T o
I ntrospect
T o
U nearth
D ecent
E motional interactions

A lways
T ry to
T olerantly
I nsulate
T o
U nderstand
D elicate
E motional reactions

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