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Tuesday, September 8, 2020



Creativity is sticking on to certain fundamentals of any subject, take a framework and weave new patterns.

For example take a raga (fundamental) and a composition (frame work) render them. Then show your creativity and originality in alaapana and kalpanaswaras.

Take topic and a canvas. Visualize and draw using techniques to either one full room or just the immobile fan or a fan in motion or just the ceiling. Which facets or dimensions of a subject you project and how you do it, how you interpret it and the dynamics you use to relate with that dimension are all aspects of creative thinking or creativity.

Tomorrow I will try to see from my external hard disk whether I have some creative drawing I did. I am very poor at painting or drawing but will give creative ideas. Once one art professor told me if I can draw something out of whatever he scribbles or writes. I took the challenge. First he made his signature. I looked it from sideways tilted the board and made hat of a cowboy out of that. Then he drew the Tamil letter Tha. I turned it upside down and drew a picture of Western toilet.

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