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Friday, May 24, 2019

No Rift , it is only a shift

When tectonic shift happens, weak structures drift apart and their occupants script everything as rift.

These occupants are a tribe who suffer from a chronic disease of seeing the world only in dichotomies because their tolerance longs for specific  ' Us versus Them' narrative to prevail perennially.

A tribe crowding the media space in various capacities with their own brand of ideologically indoctrinated projections of everything and opinions on everything by extrapolating those ideologies obsessively and appropriate the label of ' liberal'.

Some of these tribe who succeed in getting any popular platform obsessively presume that they are the voice of reforms.

It is this tribe that is so obsessed with social continuity ( euphemism for status quo addiction) to justify the survival of their ideology.

It is this tribe where even hierarchies are so obsessively fixed that the leaders continue till death or total physical incapacity due to old age (one can refer history).

It is this tribe that resorts to puerile perspectives based on their predefined doctrinal ideological fixations and petrifies its perceptions. 

It is this tribe whose simmering discontent and  lurking ludditism surfaces through the crevices and cracks of their either dirty or devious narratives, again posturing as unbiased observers with a patronizing tone and tenor.

I can sieve and serve the streotypical  telesis of terminologies imbued with ideological intolerance of this tribe and which are normally used as  toppings by this tribe whenever they are served with a menu which is not according to their preferred taste.

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