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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Self Improvement books.

Self Improvement books.

Learning is a lifelong process and the only unfortunate thing being life is not long enough to learn many things.

So, everything that we happen to encounter or anything or anyone who happen to come across in our life may have a purpose (either useful or otherwise) of which we may or may not be aware. 

Self improvement books are great enablers of immense value and importance though everyone is entitled to have his/ her prejudice for or against anything or anyone.

Self improvement, obviously by its very term, has to emanate from the self.

However, I have personally felt there are scholars and wiser souls
( wiser than me- as I cannot talk for others) who have helped me to glean into insights from various perspectives through thoughts and ideas which have worked as prompts, all of which otherwise may have missed the radar of even my attention.

Ultimately , nothing can manifest unless it is hiding somewhere within waiting for the correct moment and conducive situation or connection either through men whom we meet in flesh and blood or whose thoughts and ideas we get to come across through books, films, speeches etc.

There are like live electric wires waiting for a switch.

I always adore the great Saint Lord Dattatreya who saw a guru in many things, events and persons.

That way Self help books are excellent source and they have helped me to look at many areas or aspects of living in the vast map of life as a whole.

Preachy and pontificating stuff are the chaff or ornamentation or dressing on the menu (depending upon how we view them) of anyone who resorts to interpret or expound any thought. We can either appreciate them or ignore them and still continue to choose the essence or substance.

It is also a fact that the publishers and book stalls classify many stuffs under self improvement.

In fact all the works of Neale Donald Walsch (one of the best philosophical works in the past two decades) and ‘Enlightenment Now’ by Steven Pinker are always classified under self improvement.

Lot of religious books also get categorized that way.

All books of philosophical enquiry, books that throw up scientific hypotheses, books that dare to question rationally (relative term) any existing social practice are all books of Self improvement. 

We all have options to get engaged with or entertain innate or inherent intelligence, inherited in​tellectual qualities and involve in inculcating improvements to both through many ways.

I feel that many self improvement books play a big role in the 'inculcating aspect' through powerful prompts, sharp statements ( sometimes sensational slogans- a good slogan can not only stop reasoning but can also prompt to savor a worthiness of a valuable reasoning) impactful interpretations and relevant reasoning etc.

Everything in every aspect of life is a step and every step is an improvement and every improvement is another step.

The problem arises only when we confuse the step for stop or stop at a step and start admiring the step (though every step is very important) but stopping at steps obviously prevent movement.

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