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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


 Literature  unravels many facets, dimensions and dynamics of  multiple aspects of LIFE as lived  and experienced through various domains, many frames of references  at different levels  of consciousness with varying degrees of intensities , involvements, imaginations  and interactions.

In  this churning process it explains and enhances  many thoughts, ideas, ideals, concepts, philosophies, theories, hypothesis,  premises  by injecting more life to all of them  by ensconcing them  in appropriate contexts  and  encapsuling them  with impactful articulation through wonderful  words and expressions.

Every piece of literature not only engages through an encounter of emotions, education and entertainment; facts and fantasies  but in addition they also take you on a journey  of attitudes, perspectives,  cultures  of various regions, demographies and generations.

Literature also functions as  the most intimate and impartial document  of  times,  sometimes even  revealing what historians scrupulously hide.

Often  the very  etymologies  and connotations of words and expressions  have  these  records embedded within them on a closer scrutiny.

It  also places on record the paradigm shifts in perceptions through various influences , events  and  exigencies.

It  manifests  internalized emotions, feelings ,thoughts as well extrapolates  everything  under the hammer of obsessive ideologies.

From a speech by Prof S.A.R.P.V Chaturvedi on literature.
“Literature is the simplest way for connecting the society.
Bringing elements of common interest makes people to feel and be closer, which is suitable for interaction and mutual recognition.


There  are three instinctive drivers. One is innate, the second is inherited and the other is influenced by the surroundings.
Literature is an orderly manifestation of delicate and subtle basics of human thought, ex-pression, behaviour and impact.

A solid and real literature embellishes the facts, forces, formulae and fruits of life, endowed with enthralling cadence and cogency.
Bedecked by structural mellifluousness, either through abstract ethics or characteristic depiction, it brings the balanced and involved view of the reader and enables them to experience identity, joy and transformation.
Literature, in all divisions, promotes feeling and hopes of responsibility, ability, integrity and divinity.
A purposeful literature should thus assemble intra-personal, domestic, social or national and divine efficacy.
Any word or statement of elegance, purport, fascination and inspiration deserves to be literature and any literary piece that does not contain or create such force, may not be worthy in prudent and personal views.
Literature is a form of presentation, whereas culture, religion and philosophy are the themes.”.

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